A new heating system in a matter of days

When creating a modern environmental application for schools, pre-built packaged plant rooms not only maximise space, especially if sited on a flat rooftop, but provide a proven method to secure new, highly efficient and cost-effective to operate domestic hot water (DHW), heating and low carbon systems.

With a choice of gas, electric or renewables, such air source heat pumps (ASHP), that can be combined into a single packaged hybrid system, they provide a timely answer to meeting new sustainability targets.

A recent Berkshire school project featured a single, large 7m x 4m GRP enclosure incorporating a TOTEM micro-CHP and, a full cascade of condensing gas boilers, controls and ancillaries pre-fitted and connected, ready to be sited immediately upon delivery and installed within a matter of days. This dramatically accelerated overall project delivery timescales and considerably reduced costs.

To achieve the best results, the decision-making relating to heating and DHW systems needs to be finalised early on to allow for the increased lead-in times. Adveco’s design engineers guided the projects team through this process to ensure a highly resilient system was fully defined for before construction began, ensuring rapid return on investment and lower ongoing operating costs.