Why Schools are Choosing Wireless Fire Protection?

Apollo UK

The school holidays offer a well-deserved break for staff and pupils. It is also the perfect opportunity for schools to carry out the maintenance and upgrades of their fire alarm system. However, making renovations to a school’s fire system during the school holidays means there is only a small window of opportunity before the students return. The upgrade of wired systems can be a long and laborious task, that’s why many schools are turning to wireless fire alarm systems such as Apollo Fire Detectors’ REACH Wireless.

A Wireless Solution for Fire Detection
REACH Wireless is Apollo’s latest hybrid range. It offers a comprehensive solution to many problems that present themselves when installing a fire detection system. The wireless devices remove the need for messy or complicated cabling, often making it 75% quicker to install in comparison to a wired system.

Hybrid-wireless fire alarm systems use the same methods as addressable systems. However, rather than transmitting signals through wiring, they use radio signals to send information between the device and the main control panel. The physical interface is wired onto the loop as standard, but the detectors can be placed inside different parts of a building wirelessly.

These wireless fire alarm systems deliver flexible solutions for schools, listed buildings, temporary structures, and high-rise buildings. They enable wireless fire detection to be connected to a hard-wired loop, extending the range of detection with the same high-level protection.

Save Time on Installation
Schools are a great example of a time-sensitive project where REACH Wireless excels. A school is generally occupied most of the time, this means being able to install an entire fire system without jeopardising safety is a tricky line to walk. To tackle this, a quick and compliant solution is needed.

REACH Wireless is designed for quick and easy installation where lengthy down time or disruption is not an option. Rather than disrupting the fabric of the building by breaking walls or adding trunking, the wireless devices are surface mounted and can be easily fitted anywhere. This removes the need for drilling into the building structure as well as the time it takes to run cables through the building. If you do need to carry out any system additions, these can be added in minutes. Enabling you to do this with far less disruption than a wired system while saving on time and material costs.

The easy installation of REACH Wireless devices makes them a great solution for schools that are listed buildings, meaning you are not permitted to damage the building. It may be impossible to wire in these buildings, as there are not many cavities or false ceilings available to conceal the wiring. Wiring a fire system in a listed building could take months of planning and involve extensive construction. REACH Wireless eliminates this problem, as you do not have to wire within the ceilings. This also reduces any redecoration costs as it removes the need to restore the building.

Easily Protect School Buildings
A REACH Wireless system provides flexible ways to extend a wired loop. A new fire loop is not required, which reduces cost and effort - especially if the existing panel doesn’t have any more available loops. With 44 radio frequency channels the chance of dead spots is fewer, resulting in less issues during installation. Wireless systems can be surveyed ahead of time, commissioned off-site, and physically installed very quickly to minimise time onsite or downtime of the building.

The flexibility of the wireless system makes REACH Wireless perfect for different types of school buildings and hard to access areas. Take temporary portable classrooms as an example. The physical interface is wired onto the loop as standard, but the detectors can be placed inside of these areas wirelessly and can then be removed when the cabins are taken down. This is much quicker and easier than hard wiring each time.

Similar to temporary structures, REACH Wireless can seamlessly extend the existing loop to building extensions without having to dig a trench and lay trunking. This eliminates the need for a second, independent panel and loop for that additional structure, as each new block/extension will require a fire alarm system. Using a wireless device will connect these buildings to the system, which is much easier to install than wiring underground to connect them.

Flexible, Reliable and Practical
The flexibility of a REACH Wireless fire system allows schools to protect its pupils and buildings without extensive site down time, construction/ redecoration costs and lengthy planning. While the practical installation and commissioning saves time and solves installation problems. It is the perfect solution for a time sensitive school holiday installation or maintenance project.