Washroom Experts Help UK Schools Get Back To The Pump After Lockdown

To The Pump

To The Pump*, a firm that has specialised in supplying environmentally-friendly washroom solutions and equipment to the commercial and educational sector since 2012 - working with the likes of the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, and Durham and Newcastle Universities, to supply energy efficient facilities - has developed a range of washroom and hygiene packages exclusively for the education sector to help it reopen responsibly, efficiently and economically, in-line with government guidelines, whilst keeping students and staff safe in the long-term,

Educational institutions require solutions that are particularly robust and mess free, whilst operating within a limited budget, which is why the award-winning washroom experts have developed an affordable, tailored package** for schools which includes a free, high-quality 1.1L auto hand sanitiser gel dispenser, worth £17.95, with every 5 litre gel pack.

The UK-manufactured and bottled, World Health Organisation compliant, hand sanitiser gel kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, and includes moisturising glycerine which is ideal for frequent use, whilst providing an environmentally-friendly, low-cost solution.

The top quality dispensers, along with the low-cost refills, at £24.99 per 5 litre, which equates to 5,000 shots of sanitiser, will ensure the units remain well stocked. What’s more, the firm will supply replacement dispensers should they ever experience damage in situ, enabling schools to save money, stay safe, be hygienic and remain sustainable.

The team behind To the Pump believes that schools must avoid cheap, quick fixes, like disposable hand sanitisers and poor quality equipment, and invest in cost effective, durable solutions that will remain long-term fixtures on their sites. Optimum hygiene mustn’t be seen as a short term, unsustainable fix, but a long term, workable strategy.

When purchasing any products from To the Pump, a charitable donation for every sale will be funneled directly to Self Help UK, a charity that facilitates support groups in communities. The charity’s COVID support strategy is based on the reality that the effects of COVID do not end when a person leaves ICU or gets better, the physical and psychological repercussions will last for a long time.

Andrew Cameron, founder of To the Pump explains: “We have been in the washroom facility and hygiene business for a long time. Although we’re well placed to be supporting organisations with their unprecedented and unexpected new hygiene needs, it felt like we should be giving something back to people that have been adversely affected by COVID - as not everyone is lucky enough to be going back to the pump.

“We feel organisations upping their hygiene games isn’t and shouldn't be a short-term box ticking exercise, it must be a long term mindset that the overall staff and student body should be adapting to help everyone remain safe as the world continues to ride the wave of COVID for many months, if not years to come. Self Help UK is doing great work in the community, helping people to help themselves recover from their ordeal in however long it takes, and we’re proud to support this charity.”

Sarah Collis, CEO at Self Help UK, concludes: “We are delighted To the Pump has chosen to support our work. We feel the synergy is spot on, as it clearly understands that COVID isn’t something that’s going to disappear in a matter of months. As a charity that’s developed for long term support, that’s the exact mindset we need from our partnerships. The integrity of the business, in our opinion, is second-to-none. The idea that a firm wants to act fair and share is extremely refreshing. We’ve seen a lot of companies and individuals profiting from COVID, and it’s great to see there are some out there with the desire to do the right thing.”

Visit our website to find out more, or call or email for a chat about your site’s specific hygiene and washroom requirements.

*To The Pump is a sub brand of Intelligent Facility Solutions.
** To The Pump schools offer package includes a free, high-quality dispenser worth £17.99 (+VAT)  with every 5Ltr gel pack. Minimum order 8 x 5ltr. Replacements for damaged products will be arranged for the duration of the customer / supplier partnership. Schools can order other washroom products from To The Pump in addition to this package.

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