VORTICE is the European market leader in energy efficient ventilation systems for domestic, commercial and industrial use. VORTICE is a multinational group operating through its own subsidiaries or through local dealers in more than 90 countries around the world, in the sectors of residential, commercial and industrial ventilation and air handling.

VORTICE has achieved European market leadership by dedicating its efforts to the production of products for ventilation, climate control, heating, extraction, purification and the treatment of air, for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Since 1954 Vortice has been synonymous with quality and excellence and continues to make significant improvements by investing in continuous research to improve the efficiency and quality of its products.

The VORTICE Mission statement:

“We work to promote the quality of life and to contribute to social evolution through eco-friendly products that move air safely and efficiently”

Why is Ventilation Important?

Studies suggest that we spend more than 90% of our time indoors and unless we take steps to ventilate our homes and workplaces correctly, the quality of the air we breathe can be 50 times more polluted than outdoor air. Newer houses have become more air tight which means it is harder to get a fresh air path through the building. Breathing in stale contaminated air can lead to health issues such as headaches and respiratory Issues such as asthma.

Studies have also shown that air pollution is a major issue facing schools today and that children are much more vulnerable (due to their underdeveloped lungs) than adults to breathing in pollutants. Not only outside air pollution on the school run with buggies and prams being at car exhaust level, but also generated by activities inside the school, such as heating systems and the type of cleaning and crafting products used.

The quality of indoor air has never been as crucial for a healthy life and for the people’s well-being as it is today. Vortice knows only too well the importance of air quality and has made it its mission over the years to be a voice within the industry ensuring customers get a correct and compliant ventilation system by offering a complete design, aftersales and training service.

The Vortice Product Range

Vortice offers a variety of residential, commercial and industrial ventilation solutions suitable for the school environment. The Vortice VARIO Range is an extract and intake fan which can not only extract air out of the classroom but can introduce clean air from the outside into the room ensuring optimal safety and health for the children and teaching staff.

Vortice also offers a wide range of heat recovery units such as the Vort HRW MONO single room heat recovery which is a great solution for airtight buildings as it introduces tempered fresh air into the property by recovering heat from the stale air that it has extracted and re-uses that heat by passing the fresh air over a heat exchanger. These units have low power consumption and can cost less than £5 per year to run.

Equally as important as ventilation fans is air purification. Vortice offers an extensive range of air purification fans suitable for many commercial environments. The DEPURO PRO range is a range of commercial air purifiers which are suitable for environments up to 100m2. The filters are able to retain 99.995% of pollutants such as pollens, micro particles, bacteria and viruses. Models include a version equipped with a photo catalysis UV-C lamp which sanitises the product by removing pollutants, strong odours and micro-organisms.

A major hot topic in today’s uncertain times is sanitisation, which is crucial, especially in nurseries and schools. Vortice offers an array of products for the education environment to effectively sanitise and retain a hygienic atmosphere. The VORT SUPER DRY Range is comprised of automatic electric hand dryers with a UV germicidal lamp. The units dry and sanitise the hands without the need to touch anything, ensuring maximum hygiene and safety for the user. The S+G dispensers are automatic electric dispensers which use soap or antibacterial disinfectant gel. This gives the user the right amount of soap or gel – without touching anything.

The UVLOGIKA SYSTEM is a germicidal UV-C lamp, ideal for sanitising and disinfecting surfaces. Its radiation quickly eliminates up to 99% of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that are deposited on surfaces.

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