A Unique Package for Science Education, the Missing Link?

The evolution of the provision of science resources to schools lacked connectivity, until now. Companies would supply apparatus for teacher and students without offering explanations of how this would enhance the delivery of practical lesson by the teacher and the educational outcome for the student. The IPC Irwin Group has evolved since the inspiration of scientist and instrument makers of the 1800 through consultants on the revolutionary Nuffield Science Project of the 1960s to the providers of a complete package for STEAM education, today.

The IPC Irwin Group consist of CPD Science originally providing consultancy to Ministries of Education around the world in the development of bespoke curricula, the provision of teacher and technician training and the supply of resources precisely matched to the curriculum. This service is now available to individual UK Schools or Academy Trusts for a one-off training day or part of a full CPD programme.

IPC Irwin apparatus is still designed and manufactured in the UK at Holker School, Cumbria and the evolution extended to the development of relationships with associate companies with a likeminded philosophy to provide everything that is required for STEAM.

The combination of understanding teachers needs, the technical ability to provided teacher training and the understanding of the STEAM philosophy enables IPC Irwin to design, manufacture and supply apparatus that is high quality, safe and curriculum relevant.

Within the group is World Didact Award winning Xllogger, our own design of simple to use data logging system based on the Microsoft Excel platform, which makes it universally intuitive to use. This enables the student to focus on the experiment in hand and not have to be distracted by complex operational requirements of the data logger.

The final part of the IPC Irwin structure is Mobile ScienceBenches.com. From an initial request to design a mobile science lab for an international United Nations project we now offer a range of Mobile Science Benches to schools, colleges and universities. These are used to transform any room into a laboratory, provide the means to manage social distancing for the management of class sizes though the Covid crisis, ‘wheel in’ preprepared demonstrations and additional space in prep rooms.

The unique and complete service to education extends to our School Project Package. From new schools to refurbishment projects we provide free consultancy to support with planning, lab design, budgeting, the provision of apparatus, unpacking and commissioning equipment and training for teachers and technicians.

We provide bespoke packages in the provision of equipment and services to induvial schools to support, planning, budgeting and procurement and to Academy Trusts for group purchasing and training

IPC Irwin are British, exclusively education company focused on enhancing STEAM leaning in cooperation with science educators.

IPC Irwin. Holker School, Cark in Cartmel,
Grange over Sands, Cumbria LA11 7PQ,