In 1963, a young man assisted his father with the implementation of 35mm carousel slide projectors into schools. With carousels being quite large and bulky, his father needed a way to display the product with ease. As a young, imaginative and keen problem solver, the gentleman designed and manufactured one of the earliest AV mounts in the UK and created Unicol in the process.

Now 55 years strong, Unicol continue to provide professional, reliable and robust solutions. With education being at the forefront of Unicol’s mind, their current solutions range from stands and trolleys all the way through to collaboration desks and lecterns. All designed to stand out and help make your lecturer/students life significantly easier both in and out of the lecture theatre/classroom.

Recent studies have shown that remote learning technology in teaching is expected to rise significantly, with real-time video collaboration and mobile devices being the primary form of engagement by 2025. With an ever-growing need for interactive and technological education, it is important that the classroom or lecture theatre suit the requirements of both the lecturer and the pupil. This is where Unicol’s solutions are key to the modern learning space. Below are some of the purpose-built products that help enhance the learning experience;

Nest-Star Trolley

The Nest-Star is a large format audio-visual teaching assistant trolley that can be quickly deployed or neatly nested together and stowed away when not in use. This robust trolley is designed for large format displays (33-90”) and securely houses your favourite PC’s and controllers with efficient cable deployment. The Nest-Star can quickly turn any empty space into an effective student e-learning environment.

The standard trolley comes with a plain mast but can be modified to hold keyboards; remotes; cabling; double gang wall plates and more, on either the front or the rear. The mast can also be branded with your institutions logo and in some cases, it can even be backlit. Whilst Sinterflex black or white are the standard colours for this product, there are other bright and bold finishes available to match your institutions colour schemes.

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The Principal Desk

The Principal provides lecturers with a central desk facility to control AV lecture content, screen or projector video sources, audio and lighting levels and more. Fitted with 19” removable 6U racks within the cabinet, it has plenty of room to store computer equipment and lecture notes.

This teaching aid desk makes an impact when utilising its powered desktop. Change your teaching position from seated to standing and vice versa, perfect for long days and wheelchair users. Currently available in three different widths (1550mm, 1850mm and 2400mm), with a smaller 1300mm desk due out soon, the Principal is ready for any lecture theatre.

Recently installed throughout Surrey University, the Principal also offers bespoke branding including backlit logos and a variety of desktop finishes. Give your students the wow factor with a desk that allows you to control everything from one place and look stylish from the word go.

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Canterbury Lectern

Looking for something to suit smaller lecture rooms? The Canterbury is a versatile lectern that provides secure storage for media electronics, utilises a high quality monitor arm alongside a generous desktop for keyboard, mouse and optional visualiser. Ranging between 1000mm, 1250mm and 1500mm in width, the Canterbury provides control, style and efficiency for smaller theatres. Much like the Principal, the Canterbury can be branded and is available with a variety of tabletops, including oak, and different coloured cabinets.

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Rhobus Huddle

Group presentations only work when the participants can collaborate appropriately. The Rhobus Huddle allows, on average, 4-6 users to change their meeting from seated to standing at the push of a button. Long working days or brief meetings can be altered to suit the needs of the students (or lecturers). Suitable with one or two screens and video conferencing cameras, the Huddle allows students to collectively work together with ease and efficiency. As with all of the furniture range, the Rhobus Huddle can be branded to suit guidelines and is available with a range of desktops.

With the Rhobus Huddle, the desktops can be altered to suit your requirements and each Huddle has 4-way power sockets integrated into the surface as standard. All cabling, codec and integration is accessible through a cable well and a locking door, keeping everything secure and away from the spilt coffee!

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With AV being a defining point in how we teach, learn and interact with one another it’s important that we utilise it in the best way. Whether it is a standard solution or a completely bespoke solution, Unicol are available to listen and advise wherever possible. For more information head to our website or get in touch a friendly chat.

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