Sunshade Services Ltd

Sunshade Services is a midlands-based company who specialise in the installation of a wide range of sunshade & all-weather outdoor structures offering protection not only from the harmful UV rays from the sun but from wind, rain & snow. Offering a stunning visual appearance in conjunction with practical outdoor coverage, our structures offer year-round access to your outdoor space.

Established in 2008 Sunshade Services have installed many different & varied types of structure throughout the UK in many industry sectors including primarily; education, childcare, car dealerships and car washes to name but a few. Over the years we have gained a reputation for excellent customer service which is mainly due to the fact that we are personally involved with each & every project & that we understand the importance of good, clear communication with our customers.

Offering our own in-house design service means that we control every aspect of the design, manufacture & installation of all our structures. Every project is surveyed personally by the business owner to ensure smooth project continuity which results in a superb finished product every time.

Our product range includes the following:

trent canopy structures
trent canopies have been specifically designed to offer a low-cost solution to your outdoor shading problems. our superb range of trent canopy structures means that we can offer complete coverage of any shape or size of area by combining structures, where required. specialising in the supply & installation of completely bespoke structures means that no area is too large to be covered.

shade sail structures
our superb range of shade sail structures means that we can offer complete coverage of any shape or size of area. specialising in the supply & installation of completely bespoke structures means that no area istoo large or too irregular in shape to be covered.

umbrellas & star structures
fixed umbrella structures are ideal where it is difficult to install structural supports as it requires only a single central support post. all steelwork & bumper pads can be coloured to offer a striking finished product.

fixed canopy structures
fixed canopy structures are a permanent way of offering huge coverage to your outdoor areas. this type of structure can be manufactured in any length that you require with a maximum single projection length of 6m. structures can be designed & combined to cover any area.

retractable awnings
retractable awnings are an ideal solution where a permanent canopy structure is not suitable. our retractable awnings are available in or can be combined to cover any length with a maximum projection of up to 4m (certain restrictions apply). awnings can be bolted directly to a building structure or can be supported on an independent steel frame & can be either manually or electrically operated

texabri stretched canvas
canvas shelters for a durable, safe and aesthetically pleasing solution to your shading problems our texabri stretched fabric shelter is the ideal solution. these canopies are modular in design & can be combined to cover any area. sober and elegant, texabri modules integrate perfectly with all types of architecture and environments thanks to their pure form

Come rain or shine we can supply a custom designed solution to suit your needs at a cost to suit your budget. Contact us now for your free, no obligation quotation & see how we put our competitors in the shade!

We offer you peace of mind knowing that all our work is carried out in a safe, practical manner. We also carry comprehensive employers & public liability insurance

Case Study

Sunshade Services were tasked with providing an outdoor sheltered space for Frimley Church of England Junior school. The existing space was located near to the main school building but on the edge of the playing field with a pavement walkway on one side and an existing football pitch on the other. Our design brief was to cover an area as large as possible, within budget whilst remaining within the confines of the pavement & football pitch. The structure was to be located centrally when looking at the school building to create a symmetrical view when looking at the school.

Our solution was to install two of our Trent canopies, each 8m long x 6m wide, joined-together to cover a total area of 16m long x 6m wide. The two canopies were joined in the middle with one of our custom-made gutter joints which effectively created one large canopy.

The first job was to install the below ground concrete foundation blocks which are installed to support the structure. The top was removed from the existing grass surface & placed aside to cover the concrete blocks once complete. The support posts were then bolted directly to these concrete blocks & the top turf was replaced to create a sleek finish around the base of each post. The installation of the concrete blocks was completed in one day.

The next job was to install the steel support framework including the stainless-steel roof arches along with the stretched canvas roof which again was completed in approx. one and a half days. The entire installation process for these canopies was less than three days from start to finish.

The steel framework was powder coated in the colour of choice of the client & comes with a 5-year structural warranty. Each post was fitted with a 50mm thick, 1.5m long padded post protector in different colours so as to optimise the appearance of the structure. The entire structure has been designed & manufactured in the UK to maximise the backup & support for all component parts.

These canopies are available in a range of standard dimensions or each one can be custom made or adapted to suit any client’s own individual requirements. The powder coating on the steelwork is available in almost any standard RAL colour, the roof canvases are available in ten colours & the post safety pads are available in fifteen striking colours. Alost every aspect of your canopy can be customised to suit your requirements.

Trent canopies can be installed in completely open areas, adjacent to existing buildings, courtyards, in fact anywhere there is a requirement for a covered area. Offering low cost, large coverage these canopies offer complete flexibility to offer a solution to almost any shading problem.

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