Stuart Canvas Ltd

Stuart Canvas is a trusted British manufacturer of sports ground equipment with 50 years of expertise. The company has supplied equipment to some of Worlds most esteemed sporting venues and educational establishments, including; Lords Cricket Ground, the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, Manchester United, Oxford University and Eton College.

"Cricket as a truly global sport is continually striving to improve, from ground equipment, facilities to technology. As the National Cricket Manager for Stuart Canvas, I am proud to offer our wide range of products and services to Cricket Clubs, Schools, County Grounds and Major Test Venues all over the world. We will continue to manufacture new and innovative products, to help all ground staff”   -Clint Hillhouse, Cricket Manager at Stuart Canvas Group

At Stuart Canvas we produce a wide range of products that help both students and ground staff alike. Our range of products includes equipment for, Cricket, Indoor, Tennis, Rugby and Football.

Our most popular pieces of equipment

Mobile Cricket Pitch Covers Stuart Canvas is the leading supplier of Mobile Cricket Covers in the UK.  Over the last 20 years, we have designed and manufactured high-quality covers for every first-class County Ground and many leading Clubs and Schools in the UK.

The County Cricket Batting Cage allows for both batting and bowling practice to take place on traditional or synthetic wickets.  Thanks to its large caster wheels, the batting cage can be easily moved by two people.  Once in place, the cage can be locked into place using simple pegs.

County Cricket Flat Sheets are manufactured from a 250gsm lightweight, semi-translucent material which allows light to reach the wicket. They feature reinforced hems with grab handles every 15’ and eyelets every 5’, making them ideal for all standards of County, Club and School Cricket.

Sports Hall Cricket Division Netting  Our retractable sports hall divider netting is designed to reduce the space needed for indoor sports, as they can be safely retracted and stored to keep out of the way when not in use. This makes them ideal and convenient for use in schools.

The Polypropylene Cricket Sight Screens may easily be moved by one person, therefore making it easier for ground staff and players alike. They may easily be dismantled for winter storage. We offer a full delivery and installation service direct to grounds anywhere in the Country.

Electronic Cricket Scoreboard Our fifteen-digit scoreboard is designed to be a versatile scoreboard that can easily fit to the outside of a pavilion while being light enough to be removed. The scoreboard uses 250mm amber LED digits which create a bright and clear number. The Club Scoreboard displays both Batting Scores, Overs, Wickets, 1st Innings and the Total Score

Tennis Debris Covers are ideal for use in the autumn and winter to prevent leaves, twigs and other natural debris from being deposited on your hard-court surface. By protecting the playing surface, you also prolong the court’s life by preventing moss and weeds from developing.

Tennis Umpire Chairs Stuart Canvas manufactures umpire chairs to your requirements. We have several standard chairs and these are; The Championship Wooden Umpire Chair as used at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Standard Wooden Umpire Chair & Standard Steel
Umpire Chair

Tennis Windbreaks We can manufacture Tennis Windbreaks from anything from a rot-proof canvas to a polypropylene material. These also act as shading for the court and players. The Tennis windbreaks clip onto your existing perimeter fencing.

Indoor Tennis Court Backdrops We do provide indoor tennis backdrops for indoor school sports centres, we can remove old backdrops, measure, manufacture and install new backdrops. There are a variety of options to secure your indoor tennis backdrops, for example, using tensions wire or bolted into the wall. We will advise on the best application after a site visit.

Football Goals & Rugby Posts We do supply a vast range of Football, Rugby & Hockey posts, including all accessories. Including both training and full-size goals and posts for both grass and artificial surfaces.

Football & Rugby Pitch Covers We provide football pitch covers that are ideal for frost prevention. Our covers allow both practice and matches to go ahead even with a night frost. The frost covers can be manufactured as a single skin, double skin or even triple skin, depending on the level of protection required. They are manufactured from a 150gsm material and have reinforced hems and eyelets to give the cover longevity.