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Does your trust have a People Strategy to support growth?
The recent Opportunity for All white paper published by the DfE set a target that trusts must scale and grow into at least 10 schools or 7,500 pupils, however, growth is not without its challenges. Expanding Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) face real challenges with more staff to recruit, manage and pay.

From our recent MAT Leaders’ Survey Report 2022, which sought to understand the key challenges MAT Leaders’ are facing at present, many expressed concerns around the resources and associated costs related to expansion. With challenges in recruitment, management, and pay, having a People Strategy in place is imperative to retain staff and utilise resources effectively.  Surprisingly though, the MAT Leader’s Survey found that two thirds of trusts do not have an HR system in place to support them. EduPeople, by Strictly Education, enables you to grow with ease and supports you with your People Strategy.

EduPeople is an HR, payroll and pensions system and service specifically designed for multi-academy trusts to support their People Strategy. Easing the burden of administration and providing clear and accurate people data to inform strategic decision making, EduPeople makes it easy for trusts to recruit, onboard and retain their best people whilst managing staff absence effectively. Trusts also receive ongoing support and guidance from 50 HR and payroll experts if required. Strictly Education has forged strong relationships with 900 academies and 180 MATs across the country and is proud to have sponsored the 2022 Education Business’ Academy Partnership Award.

From recruitment and retention – don’t lose your best people
From recruitment to retirement EduPeople saves time and costs by minimising admin allowing you to focus on the things that matter most - your people. Staff absence and low retention rates cost money. The innovative absence-management tool easily identifies and monitors trends in one single system, giving the insight to prevent and reduce staff absence, alleviating the expense of sourcing additional resources. The employee self-service function allows staff to check their own records and update their details, giving them more autonomy to view/download payslips and manage holidays, saving line managers time. In addition, EduPeople integrates with other existing school systems such as MIS and budgeting software to minimise duplicate data entry, further saving time and money. Ultimately, EduPeople helps MATs foster a high-performance culture through effective management of staff performance, appraisals, and CPD.

Accurate data for strategic decision making
Having a complete and accurate view of your people is essential to making informed strategic decisions. EduPeople is a real-time platform which makes accurately viewing your people data easy from a MAT-wide view all the way through to a single establishment. With EduPeople’s data insights and analytics you can take control of your people data and fully understand key HR trends to form strategic insights. The customisable dashboard feature displays relevant and valuable insights in a series of interactive graphs which link directly to employee records, allowing you to action tasks effortlessly. Furthermore, to improve compliance and reporting to DfE, Ofsted, Trustees and key stakeholders, EduPeople manages Single Central Record, Equality Data and more.

Expert support as and when needed
With almost 20 years of experience in serving schools, Strictly Education understands MAT needs. MAT business leaders expect a wraparound service and ongoing support with this type of investment. Unlike most, EduPeople gives trusts access to 50 HR and payroll experts, with all clients receiving a named payroll officer and support from a team on an ongoing basis, including CIPP-qualified payroll staff.  As payroll and pensions are extremely important and sensitive, when choosing a new payroll and pensions provider MATs must first thoroughly consider the reputation and track record of providers before switching. Strictly Education has supported schools and academy trusts for almost two decades and has already migrated over 15,000 school staff onto EduPeople. This is the expertise that underpins the belief that EduPeople is the future of HR, payroll and pensions for MATs. In fact, 94% of school staff* feel confident using EduPeople after one training session.

Functionality and affordability
Strictly Education has invested significant time in developing EduPeople specifically for the education sector, and in particular meet the requirements of growing MATs. EduPeople provides all the functionality that MATs need, at a price point they can afford, and is modular and scalable to keep pace with MAT expansion; functionality can be added as your MAT grows.

In the words of the Head of Finance from one Church of England Trust: “We chose to partner with Strictly Education as our values are aligned and they totally understand the intricacies of education payroll and HR because they only work with schools and academy trusts.”

To find out how EduPeople can support your MAT growth journey, book a discovery call or make an enquiry today.
*Training evaluation feedback from staff whose schools have moved across to EduPeople.
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