Steriloc is a cost effective, efficient, robust and environmentally friendly automatic hand sanitisation system which enables students, staff and visitors to ensure they have safely disinfected their hands.

Steriloc will demonstrate your commitment to achieving a COVID-19 free learning environment and will form a key part of your risk mitigation strategy, offering reassurance to your students, parents and staff that their continued attendance at school, college or university is as safe as can be during the pandemic. Manufactured in the UK to exceptional standards, it is surprisingly affordable for something that can reduce the risk of infection, reduce sick days and offer added confidence and protection for all of your people.

As well as the traditional purchase option, we have recently launched a 3 year lease option especially for schools giving all the protection of the Steriloc system including 2.5l of sanitisation fluid per month for as little as £1.50 per unit per day.

Everyone is now acutely aware of how easily and quickly viruses can spread. They can affect everything from the health of your students and staff to contamination of surfaces. Steriloc instantly cuts the risk of cross-contamination, and has been proven to reduce absenteeism.

The Steriloc system is:

  • Effective
  • Economical (2.5l will provide 2500 dispenses)
  • Efficient (processes up to 30 people a minute);
  • Safe
  • Environmentally friendly (precision dosing means no wasting of expensive fluid)

A system developed in partnership with Extreme Low Energy Ltd (ELe) uses low voltage energy to allow operation away from a power supply and reduces installation costs.

Steriloc units can be attached to free standing pedestals or wall-mounted and can be placed internally and externally as IP65 water resistant enclosures are available through the range.

We all now appreciate more than ever the need to prioritise hand sanitisation to reduce the risk of contamination, particular in education environments given the strategy of ensuring that our learning establishments remain open and available wherever possible. Whilst it may not be practical to expect everyone to wear face coverings in many situations, ensuring thorough hand sanitisation and regular cleaning of frequent touchpoints will considerably reduce the spread of viruses. Furthermore, by locating permanent touch-free hand sanitisation stations at entry points, viruses can be prevented from entering a building via hands in the first place.

Steriloc units are robust and are designed to be easily integrated at key high traffic areas.