Space to learn


Space is always at a premium in any educational establishment – whether it’s for classroom, workshop or lecture activity; storage, archiving, office space or staffroom facilities or sports hall, gym, dining or assembly space. Now of course there are also the additional practical considerations of social distancing and bubble creations to consider.

Smart-Space has expanded its portfolio of instant buildings to address every need, including its new portable classroom. It’s an L2 compliant building that feels incredibly substantial. It was recently described to Smart-Space as “a building with the design properties of a permanent classroom with the functionality of a portable building” which sums it up very well.

The instant classroom is available temporarily or permanently, to hire or buy, it requires no foundations whatsoever and is fully insulated. “We developed this from our expertise and knowledge of supplying a range of education buildings” explained Jason Lynock, Sales Director at Smart-Space. “We have been installing a range of useful structures of all kinds in schools and colleges for many years now. The same rules apply, whatever the requirement – quality, health and safety, functionality and a swift, efficient build”.

The speed at which any of the Smart-Space instant buildings can be erected is highly attractive within education. It takes just a few short weeks from initial query to becoming fully operational - ‘student ready’ - and that includes electrics and flooring.

Sherburn High School in Leeds was the victim of an arson attack which cost it its school sports hall. Its solution was installed over a few days during the school’s summer holiday period, consisted of a huge gym, large teacher’s office and two changing rooms.

Mount Street Academy in Lincoln needed a new school hall. Its traditional Victorian built school typifies many – with all kinds of extensions and building work added on over the years. A legacy of the old building was that its main hall needed substantial renovation which would mean it would be out of action for several months. A Smart-Space solution meant that the school could enjoy a replacement building until the work was completed.

If your school or college is operating within tight space parameters it is definitely worth investigating the possibility of a Smart-Space solution. Smart-Space has a website full of case studies, testimonials and examples of its excellent service. The team will also advise on the right building for your needs.