Sophisticated Alarm Monitoring from the Fire & Security Experts

Fire & Security Safety in Education

A fire or unlawful intrusion in a school, college or university can be devastating to life, the quality of learning for students and the premises.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, as set by the Government, dictates the fire safety equipment that must be installed in educational settings, including fire doors, alarms and fire extinguishers. It is the duty of the Responsible Person to ensure this equipment is maintained to a good working order, and regularly serviced by experienced technicians.

The use of security systems, such as CCTV, remote monitoring and access control is increasingly popular in education to protect students and staff from the threat of theft, break-ins, arson and other criminal activity.

The most effective defence against fire and theft is a cutting-edge safety system from a competent and experienced business, such as Churches Fire & Security

Fire & Intruder Alarm Monitoring

A fire or intruder alarm being activated in a school, college or university during, or after, learning hours can cause stress and worry for those on site.

Churches Fire & Security work with educational settings to put structured evacuation plans in place, so that each person can be safely moved away from any threat in an emergency situation. This then allows the administration and Responsible Person the time to take the necessary action.

So what happens if an alarm triggers out of hours with no one available to act in response? This is where continuous professional alarm monitoring can help.

With alarm monitoring, when a fire or intruder alarm is activated, a secured signal is sent from the customer control panel and received at an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). When an alarm has been received, the following actions occur:

  • A trained operative assesses the trigger
  • If found to be genuine, they will alert the business owners, key holders or the emergency services as required

     -Intentional and malicious alarm triggers can be commonplace in schools, with measures available to put in place to help mitigate this risk.

  • If a false alarm or service issue is picked up at the ARC, operatives have the capability to reset the control panel remotely via their secured portal
  • If a service issue cannot be rectified remotely, a qualified technician will be sent to the customer site, equipped with all the knowledge required to carry out a swift fix.

Based at a secure location, the receiving centre constantly monitors customer CCTV systems, fire and intruder alarms. The ARC is fully managed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by specially trained colleagues with the applicable security clearance and knowledge of system practices. Making use of the latest technology, monitoring from Churches Fire & Security gives customers peace of mind that their premises is supervised at all times.

Benefits of Remote Alarm Monitoring

There is a lot of value in monitoring fire and security systems at all times with one trust provider, including:

  • Immediate response to triggered alarms, minimising the chance of loss, damage or unnecessary evacuation
  • Peace of mind that premises’ are continually monitored, especially when vacant
  • 24/7 management by highly trained handlers
  • Assists with meeting business insurance requirements (if applicable)
  • Total management of all systems, removing the need to manage multiple providers
  • Secured customer portal to manage account and view alarm history

The Churches Fire & Security Alarm Receiving Centre is fully equipped to monitor a range of systems, depending on customer requirements, including fire alarms, intruder alarms and CCTV systems.

Industry Recognised Protection

The specially built ARC at Churches Fire & Security is 100% dedicated to the management of our own customer’s sites.

Monitoring at our ARC is NSI Gold Accredited, and operates to the most up-to-date British Standard. With the highest level of accreditation, our working practices are subject to regular audits to ensure compliance.

Manage your school, college or university safety with vigilant monitoring from the fire and security experts at Churches Fire & Security.

Additional Services

Further provisions provided by Churches Fire & Security include fire alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, gas & kitchen suppression systems, fire door inspections, fire training and risk assessments, dry risers, sprinkler systems, CCTV, intruder alarms and access control.

We continuously strive to improve our service offering to our loyal customers across all departments within our business. To this end, we make use of innovative applications and the latest technology to provide streamlined inspections and management of account documentation.

For more on alarm monitoring and general fire safety and security, please see the Churches Fire & Security website.

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