Simple privacy management for Schools and Trust

GDPRiS is a cloud-based, all-in-one data protection management and monitoring solution for schools and Trusts. Designed with in-built knowledge of the data used in the education sector GDPRiS reflects existing processes and the way schools work whilst pro-actively prompting them to meet and exceed the requirements of UK GDPR, DPA2018 and emerging standards around Cyber Security.

GDPRiS is the market leading privacy management platform. Designed with busy Schools and MAT's in mind, we have taken a pragmatic approach and made it as simple as possible, ensuring it is easy to use whilst being an invaluable tool for schools looking to achieve compliance. Almost 3,000 schools, over 180 Trusts, Local Authorities and Traded Services rely on GDPRiS to monitor and manage their compliance with data protection law.
Joining our community will give you:

  • Peace of mind, with a clear pathway to compliance, along with the resources to support it
  • Clarity and guidance on what the law requires of your organisation
  • Unlimited advice and support via email and phone
  • Practical tools and templates
  • Help achieving the key requirements mandated for compliance
  • The tools to drive a whole-school approach to data protection and cyber security awareness
  • A simple way to embed Data protection by design and by default

GDPRiS achieves this by providing you with:

Quick-view compliance monitor
Linked to the platforms comprehensive internal auditing tools that deliver evidence-based accountability, helping you measure the effectiveness of your compliance efforts and highlighting areas for improvement.
Records of Processing Activity (RoPA)
Easily choose from more than 3,800 pre-populated data maps with supporting compliance information. Integrated Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) templates and guidance assist your due diligence and risk assessment for each supplier you use.
Comprehensive log of Data Breaches and Cyber Incidents

Streamlines the recording, tracking and management of Data Breaches and Cyber Incidents. Brings the right people together to investigate and respond to incidents with timely notifications ensuring you meet the timescales mandated by the GDPR. Powerful reporting helps inform your data protection practices, Cybersecurity Strategy and Incident response plans.
Simple SAR and FOI monitoring and management
Record, manage and track SARs and FOIs. Collaborate with other team members to fulfil the request and keep on track with timely notifications that ensure you respond within the mandated timescales for each type of subject request.
Extensive template procedures and policies
We pride ourselves on the resources and guidance we provide to schools Trusts such as a Data Protection Risk Register and Privacy Policy. Our data protection awareness poster series ‘It’s not rocket science’ were identified as ‘good practice’ by the ICO during an audit of one of our Trust customers.
Smart reporting covering all areas of data protection
Carry out a full gap analysis to inform your decision making at leadership level moving forward. Quickly and easily produce an annual report to Governors saving hours of time gathering and presenting data!
Integrated CPD certified e-learning platform
Access CPD certified role-based training for all staff, from office staff to catering staff, premises staff to governors. Supplementary topic focussed training and our Introduction to the role of DPO CPD certified course which is ideal for internally appointed DPOs and DP Leads in schools ensuring they understand what is required of them.
Easy, secure admin
Use SSO and MFA to ensure the highest security and access a full audit trail of account activity.