Security Watchdog

Background checking for those working in the education sector is crucial to ensure the safety of students and staff. According to, some 3450 of the 280,000 teachers and teaching assistants who applied for a DBS check during the year 2015/2016 were found to have convictions which may affect their ability to safely work around children. And recent news stories have reiterated the need for extensive screening when employing those who will be around the vulnerable.

Candidates for positions in the education sector will have regular contact with students and therefore stringent pre-employment checking is imperative.

All candidates who will have access to children are required by law to have a full enhanced DBS check to ensure that they have not been banned or suspended from working with children. But it is not just teachers that are subject to this legislation; teaching assistants, administrative staff and regular volunteers are also subject to Enhanced DBS checks in order to comply with legislation.

Not only is it important to ensure staff and students are safe, it is also vital that universities protect themselves from students entering institutions with false or tampered documents. Our range of education focussed checks ensure all parties are protected.

These checks include Professional Qualifications, Memberships and Licensing, HEDD verification, DBS enhanced, ID Right to Work and Social Media checks.

According to recent figures, up to 20% of the UK working age population has a criminal record. And with roles at schools and universities constantly growing in order to alleviate pressure on over-burdened teachers and lecturers, background checking is essential for all candidates and volunteers to ensure that students and staff are protected from any potential harm.

Furthermore, with schools and universities holding a position of such high responsibility, inadequate background checking could leave educational institutions vulnerable to litigation or damage to their reputation.

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