Safe Data Storage

Safe Data Storage

Our Mission

Reducing the cost of your IT Backups to the cloud


Safe Data Storage is a UK-based cloud backup company established in 2004. We offer a fully managed, professional, secure online backup service that’s both ISO 9001 / 27001 accredited and we have been a member of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) since 2009.

We are dedicated to providing cost effective but professional services to the education sector and have been for over 15 years. Our solutions are flexible, tailored to the compliance needs of our clients and their IT infrastructure.

Our file, application and image backups utilise our own UK Infrastructure, storage and servers with London being our primary data centre and Bournemouth as our replication site. We also host a number of global servers for our international clients. In addition, our Microsoft and Google Cloud Services are agentless Cloud to Cloud and backed up to Ireland, although will are planning on changing this to be more local soon.
Protecting Sensitive Data

All data is important but educational data can be immensely sensitive and critical to the welfare of the students, teachers and staff.

We take this very seriously and encrypt all data with a minimum of 256bit AES and up to 448 Blowfish Encryption before being sent to our own accredited data centres via SSL encrypted transit.

After the initial backup, only the modifications are uploaded which significantly speeds up the process and this can be configured at a time that suits you. Furthermore, we never limit speed, so you can send data to us as fast or as slow as suits you and more importantly, restore data as fast as possible. Any deleted items within each backup set are stored for a duration specified by you for each backup set.

Our Products

Depending on your needs we can offer one product or combine them into a tailored solution to your specific RPO and RTO’s.

  • File and Application backups for Email, Databases and File Systems
  • Full Image backups for a complete recoverable system state backup/recovery
  • NAS Backups offer backups direct from your Synology or QNAP to our cloud
  • Cloud to Cloud for secure backups of Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint and G-Suite

All of these services offer encrypted secure cloud backups of your sensitive data and provide the ability to restore over the internet. File, Application and Image backups can even be physically shipped to a location of your choice if your bandwidth is low.

Supporting you

We work with you from the moment you contact us to build a backup solution that fits your needs, we then help you implement it, provide some best practice advice and then we support you with a dedicated UK support team, this includes restores and disaster assistance.

We’re extremely proud of our technical ability, UK Support Services and have long-lasting partnerships that are built on our professionalism and trust.

Pricing Discounts

We understand the financial stresses within the education sector and that all departments are under immense pressure to reduce costs but still provide value. We will work with you and your budget to get a solution to fit and reduce the risks.

If you are interested in a free no obligation trial or just a friendly chat about your options, please get in contact.


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