SA Green Fitness

Transformational innovation (TI) is not something we would ordinarily associate with gyms in the education sector, in fact the innovation is coming from disruptors to the market in the form of on-demand training brought into your homes by companies such as Peloton. However, TI that is happening from SA Green Fitness is coming from a strong environmental angle.

SA Green Fitness are a sustainable company working in the Health & Fitness sector in the UK, we offer a unique value proposition that has the potential to change the fitness industry into a net positive contributor for a greener planet. With rows of cardio machines, air conditioning and fluorescent lighting, traditional gyms are an energy bill’s worst nightmare. But with an innovative approach using sustainable solutions, for business or home, SA Green Fitness working alongside our sustainable partners to supply a total or partial fit out & design to create an innovative Health & Fitness solution, could change all of this.
Most education facilities use traditionally supplied gym equipment. Why waste all that home-produced energy, just imagine if all the health clubs within education facilities  had the revolutionary ECO-POWR™ technology that captures human exertion and turn it into usable electricity!! Ideal for cross curricular activities, many children benefit from thinking about curriculum areas when they are embedded in real life contexts.


SA WELL+™ includes energy production tracking, leader board, asset management and a user app to track individual workouts and lifetime watts produced.

User App
User app tracks user’s workouts and energy generated data in real time.

Asset Management
Our asset management software displays equipment usage stats and device error codes.  Set reminders on when your equipment needs to be serviced. See how much electricity your members are producing.

Coach App
Fitness trainers and indoor cycle instructors can monitor and coach  users on our G516 indoor cycle to maximise the user’s performance and energy production.


The leader board shows the top energy producers, and the home screen provides real-time data on energy generated. Through the SA Well+ System, you can truly visualise your energy.

Cardio Product Overview
SportsArt’s new Elite  ECO-POWR™ series is a full line of cardio products with built-in micro-inverters that harness wattage from human exercise, convert it to AC power and by simply plugging it into a standard 220v power outlet, feeds power back into the local grid. In one hour, ten ECO-POWR machines can generate up to 2,000 watts of power. This line of products attracts progressive and environmentally conscious consumers looking to integrate sustainability in their everyday fitness lifestyles and provides a particular draw for tech-savvy, environment sensitive, Generation Z Millennials, the fastest growing population segment, seeking sustainable wellbeing for themselves and for the future generations. ECO-POWR™ puts these users in a position to simultaneously burn calories and generate energy at 74% efficiency, meaning that three quarters of the energy they generate through their effort on the machines goes back into the local grid to offset energy costs.

From our perspective the early adopters of this change are the education sector in particular FE colleges, independent Clubs, indoor cycle studios, Universities, Hospitality and Corporate facilities, are the market segments driving the adoption of our new products & solutions.
On our website we have created a section called Customer Projects, dedicated to showcasing selected groups of early adopters where we highlight the positive impact green fitness is having on their business and education facilities in terms of differentiation, attraction, retention and savings; all in their own words.

Watts used for Standard Appliances at School and Home
A desktop computer uses 400 watts an hour and a hairdryer 1,200 watts an hour, while a circuit of 10 SportsArt machines could generate an annual saving of £1,300 of electricity in one school gym.

Leading the way in eco-friendly gyms is SO51 all kitted out in recycled materials, from rubber studio floors to reclaimed wood walls – which are also covered with air-filtering plants such as ivy. Its rowing machines use water for resistance instead of electricity.

S051 based in Romsey is also a major partner in combating climate issues. Just 3 ECO-POWR™ units have generated 537,600 watts over a period of 11 months.

Leeds City College  are another great example of a human-powered gym, harnessing members’ energy on indoor bikes, treadmills, ellipticals to power the facility.

As a turnkey provider, bringing other environmentally focussed organisations into your solutions. We have been on the lookout for likeminded sustainable companies (like Optimise Energy) who share our passion and drive to hit that net positive contributor for a greener planet. We have created the first Sustainable guide to achieving your own sustainable facility.  ‘How to create a Sustainable Gym’.