Radix delivers cutting-edge device management and classroom management solutions.

Our mission is to redefine device management and consolidate all the organization devices, processes and stakeholders into one easy-to-use platform.

In the heart of Our solutions lies VISO a revolutionary all-in-one cloud-based device management platform, enabling users to increase administrative and instructional effectiveness, reduce operational complexity, and save time and money, making device management smarter and more focused.

Our solutions are trusted by leading global device manufacturers and vendors and are implemented in millions of devices worldwide, helping to increase performance and stability while minimizing downtime, serving a wide range of clients: SMBs, enterprises, governmental organizations, security services, financial institutions, universities and education centers.

Our education offering:

*VISO MDM for Education

Monitor, manage and control all of your school’s devices from one easy-to-use cloud-based platform. The straightforward interface lets you complete complex configurations with ease for countless devices and OS.

With a focus on digital learning, VISO MDM provides a customizable interface for teachers, principals and IT administrators. It has never been so easy to effectively manage a large number of different devices, including Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, tablets, interactive touchscreens and VR devices.

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*VISO TeacherView - classroom management with distance learning capabilities

VISO TeacherView provides teachers with the tools they need to have a seamless experience of a traditional physical classroom virtually, a cloud-based classroom management solution equipped with a built-in video conference system that is built to scale.

Share your screen, video camera and whiteboard in lecturer mode or group collaboration, remotely monitor and assist students in real-time.

Streamline the learning experience and keep your finger on the classroom pulse.

Remote at home, local at school or hybrid classrooms, the solution can be used during emergency and routine, move to distance learning in a click of a button.

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*VISO VR Command Center & MDM

VISO VR Command Center hands you control to ensure that each of your valuable VR devices is properly applied and maintained.

VISO VR supports a wide range of VR headsets and operating systems, giving coordinators control over multiple devices to guide and enrich the VR experience: individual immersion, unified experiences or collaborative situations. It also enables software installation and policy setting, video launch and termination, file sharing, interactive whiteboards, remote assistance and much more.

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We welcome all customers looking to manage their digital devices.