An IT Director knew there had to be a better classroom charging solution than the bulky messy laptop carts, but when he researched, he found nothing else on the market.

He brought his concept for an alternative to the charging cart to a local metal manufacturer in a small town in Wisconsin (US) in 2012. Together they collaborated to create PowerGistics Towers.

Since then, PowerGistics Towers have been adopted in thousands of schools across the US, Canada, and Europe. While PowerGistics’ design is pupil centered, it also saves hours of teacher instructional time & IT staff time, making everyone’s life easier.

“…The children have found them very accessible and easy to use which equals less fuss and contributes to the positive learning environment…The whole user experience is simply better than any of our other charging units.”
- Helen Langeveld, Head Teacher, St John's Church of England Primary School, Watford

Technology Should be Effortless and Enhance the Learning Environment

Our mission is to enhance the learning environment. We believe that access to classroom technology should be effortless for pupils and teachers. When you remove the physical barrier of accessing technology in a classroom, when you eliminate the logistical risk of uncharged, damaged or missing laptops, classroom technology ceases to be just a resource; rather, classroom devices transform into a powerful, personal education tool for every pupil.
When technology is integrated in the physical classroom environment and easily accessed by pupils of all ages and abilities, it empowers all pupils to engage with their educational technology. Through this access, pupils are accountable for managing their own devices, learning the important habit of responsibility. By unburdening the teachers of this daily device management task, precious minutes are returned to teachers every day, strengthening their ability to teach.

We believe charging solutions should evolve based on the needs of the classroom, and allow for a transformation from wall mounted, to wheels, to stationary placement options. When devices are capable of seamlessly integrating into the natural flow of learning, rather than a hassle to retrieve or an afterthought, teachers are emboldened to incorporate classroom devices into their lessons more creatively, enhancing the learning environment. When classroom technology is disorganised, uncharged, or difficult to access, it’s human nature to be discouraged from using it to its true potential.

We believe it’s necessary for the charging solution to be intuitive, thoughtful, and designed to enhance the learning environment. It should be versatile, and allow pupils to safely manage their own devices, saving time and energy for teachers. When a charging solution has an intuitive design, there is an inherent domino effect of time saved for IT staff as well.

A charging solution that cares about IT staff prioritises a maintenance-free cable management design. A thoughtfully designed charging station eliminates device damage, keeps devices cool, ensures the tech and power bricks are locked separately, reduces the risk of pupils dropping the devices by allowing devices to lay in their natural flat position, eliminates damaged or tangled cords, and arrives fully assembled.

We’re not just another cart or charging solution. We’re PowerGistics.
A Human Centered Design that Makes it Easy for Pupils and Teachers

PowerGistics Towers are the perfect solution for teachers using Chromebooks, iPads and tablets in the classroom space.  

PowerGistics Towers eliminate traffic jams, save teacher’s time every day and reduces costs from drops and cable management issues. Pupils can grab a device and get to work in minutes and when they are finished for the day, the pupil simply returns the device to a PowerGistics Tower, ready for the next pupil. 

Key Feature for Academic Results

  1.  Maintenance-Free Cable Management: Allows pupils of all ages and abilities to manage all deployment activities. No more lost or stolen cables.
  2.  See-Through Asymmetric Door: Teachers can see if devices are put away and plugged in from anywhere in the classroom.
  3.  Small Footprint: Two of our Towers take up less than half of the square footage of a single cart and look good doing it.
  4.  Versatile Mounting Options: Wall mount, stands, or rollers are designed specifically to evolve to your future deployment needs.
  5.  Wireless Updating: The open design allows for obstruction free updating of devices.
  6.  Coloured Shelves: The four-colour shelves allow for organised deployment options for team learning. Custom colours are also available to match school colours.
  7.  Plastic Free Aluminium Construction: Lightweight, powder coated, aircraft grade aluminium provides a natural heat sink that increases device longevity.

PowerGistics Towers are the perfect solution for schools using Chromebooks, iPads and tablets in the classroom space.