Pairing function with style in Schools – How Yeoman Shield can Help Maintain Healthy, Productive and Decorative Damage Free Interiors

Creating a school environment teachers and students can be proud to work in is essential for a sense of school spirit and motivation. Yeoman Shield products help to keep a school smart, clean and tidy, with long-term benefits for a school’s hygiene, maintenance budget and accessibility.

Saving school budgets
Many schools are under strict budgets, with large chunks of these budgets annually going to maintenance, repairs and redecoration of the school building. The high levels of foot traffic daily in schools means that walls and door quickly receive wear and tear from bags, cleaning trollies and more. This means schools are constantly needing to redecorate, costing valuable time and money.

Fitting a wall and door protection system vastly increases the lifespan of a school’s interior design, shielding against everyday scuffs and scrapes and allowing more of a school’s budget being set aside for where it’s needed in other areas of your school’s education.

Flying the school colours
Yeoman Shield protection products are also fully customisable when it comes to colour, shape and design. This allows schools to add more design and excitement to interiors with the ability to emblazon walls with the school crest or add signs and department names onto your wall protection, for example. Whether practical or aesthetic, this allows a school’s interior design needs to be met without compromising on function and durability.

Maintaining hygiene
Being manufactured from a “rigid” PVCu material Yeoman Shield’s products do not support the growth of bacteria or mould. This helps stop the spread of germs or viruses across surfaces within a school and helps provide an overall higher level of hygiene.

The damage to walls and doors caused by every traffic in school life also harbours and promotes bacteria, with scratches, dents and imperfections in surfaces making cleaning more difficult. This can be avoided with protection products, which prevent damage to walls and doors and thus contribute to a more hygienic environment.

In addition, these products are designed to be easy to clean, with wipeable surfaces that can withstand years of daily intensive cleaning regimes, helping create a more hygienic school environment and easing the strain placed on cleaning staff.

Yeoman Shield’s range of handrails are ideal for increasing the accessibility of a school. Durable handrails provide support for students who may require help traversing the school, especially on stairs and sloped areas. Like all products the handrails provide also a durable, easy to clean, practical solution.

Taking the Guess Work out of Fire Doors
Yeoman Shield’s newly launched Fire Door Services can help to take the guess work out of fire door maintenance within an education facility.

As a FIRAS accredited company with directly employed, accredited, fixing operatives Yeoman Shield can offer fire door condition reports as well as being able to carry out the repair of minor to moderate damage that has occurred to a fire-resisting doorset, in such a way as to restore the fire resistance performance to what it was before the damage occurred and if applicable, to install new fire rated doorsets where maintenance is not an option.
Yeoman Shield can also provide a complete fire-rated door protection system to ward off damage caused by impact helping to keep fire doors in good working order for longer,  minimising the need for remedial work in the future.

Summer holidays
With the Summer Holidays ahead for schools, the perfect time is approaching to install new wall and door protection and give thought to the condition of fire doors throughout the buildings.

Case Study
Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School undertook interior wall protection work with Yeoman Shield.

Catering for 700 pupils aged 11- 16 the school has corridors and break-out areas throughout the school where walls and corners especially are exposed to marking and impact damage caused by the everyday movement of pupils, staff and equipment.

With the aim to reduce such damage and expenditure, after research and receiving samples, Head Teacher, Robert Swanwick, contacted Yeoman Shield to supply and carry out the installation of a complete wall protection system.

Yeoman Shield’s directly employed fixing operatives installed Yeoman Shield FalmouthEx Wall Protection Panels, at 1250 mm high to corridor and dining areas in a Dusty Grey colour to complement artwork decoration applied to the upper walls.

Staircase walls were also fitted with wall protection panels with the addition of Yeoman Shield 50 mm Dia. Guardian Handrail in Timber with attractive Stainless Steel accessories.
Vulnerable wall corners were protected with 75 x 75 mm corner protection in a matching colour and Yeoman Shield 110 mm White PVCu cover over a solid timber core skirting was added.

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