Nviro is a leading provider of cleaning and hygiene services to education, local government, social housing and commercial organisations. We support over 1,000 sites across the South and South East, cleaning around 2.4 million m² a day for over 100,000 Students, Teachers and Site Staff. This is achieved through our skilled workforce of over 1,700 highly trained and innovative people.

Our vision is to consistently provide safe, clean, and hygienic environments in which our customers can thrive. Through our ethos of ‘Cleaning with a Conscience’ embedded throughout our organisation, our mission is to look after our people so that they look after our customers, which is ultimately how we assist in achieving the desired outcomes of our partnerships.

Providing cleaning and hygiene services to a wide variety of facilities helps us understand the varying complex demands of different establishments and campuses, and how the requirements change throughout the contract. With this in mind, Nviro has a clear focus on ongoing innovation, including a dedicated Product Development Manager.

Whilst routine cleaning ensures your environment is visibly clean, the learning taken from the recent pandemic has shown it has become essential that your surfaces are hygienically clean to reduce the risk of transmission. This can be achieved through our expert cleaning services:

  • Hygiene services – Whilst a room may look clean, our hygiene services aim to go one step further and deliver a hygienic environment safe from bacteria and viruses. This can be achieved through:

    - Electrostatic Spraying technology – This technology offers an ideal solution for disinfecting, sanitising, surface protection, odour control and pest control in a variety of environments, including clinical settings. Electrostatic application bonds the chemical to surfaces, reducing the transmission of disease. As a versatile and portable system, Nviro’s solution maximises the performance of the selected liquid while covering a large area and removes the need for any further wiping down or any clearing of an area.

    - Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing – Utilising rapid response hygiene swabs, we can quickly validate the hygiene of a surface, down to a microbial level. An ATP microbiological swab is taken from a set number of sites around your building, for example door handles, banisters and desks The test then provides instant readings for hygiene reports for your building, helping to inform the routine and hygiene cleaning regime. The results will enable you to prioritise areas where higher levels of bacteria are present, ensuring an ‘intelligence’ led cleaning service and best deployment of resources.

    - Air filtration – With most people spending 90% of their time indoors and nine hours per day in shared environments - spaces that are up to five times more polluted than outdoors - we know that airborne transmission is an increased risk. Air filtration can remove risk by infection and spread, through the installation air purifiers. These commercial-grade systems use hospital-type HEPA filtration to remove 99.97 percent of airborne contaminants effectively, quickly, and efficiently, like germs, bacteria, smoke, odours, allergens, and VOCs, from indoor air. Live monitor units connected to central applications will always give you assurance of clean healthy air.

  • Specialist services - When it comes to specialist cleaning requirements, we recommend that you appoint a supplier with experience in your specific requirement. One with a track record, the people with the right skills and the right technology. We regularly have to save the day after a routine cleaning team has performed specialist tasks with disastrous results! Specialist cleaning services that we can provide include:
    - Window Cleaning
    - Kitchen Cleaning
    - Floor & Carpet Cleaning
    - Builders Cleans
    - Gum Removal
  • Washroom services - We can manage washroom services on your behalf, working with our suppliers to provide a bespoke solution based on your requirements. Nviro provides the following professional washroom services:
    - Feminine Hygiene
    - Baby Change and Nappy Waste
    - Sharps Waste Disposal
    - Vending Units
    - Hand Drying Solutions
    - Air Purification Systems
    - Consumables Replenishment

After a detailed consultation on everything from building occupancy to unit aesthetics, we will provide an industry leading quotation, mobilisation, and ongoing fully managed programme so you do not have to worry. Our partners are carefully selected for their reliability, discrete approach and supply-line transparency for your complete peace of mind.

We are a partner committed to delivering high quality services. As we face a new world where we learn how to live with COVID-19, we will work together with you to ensure your children, staff and stakeholders can come into a safe, clean and hygienic environment where they can learn, work, grow and thrive.