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“The emphasis on outdoor play has never been greater. Whether driven by government legislation, pioneering parents, or fundraising teachers, the need for active and healthy recreation is on every PTA agenda. We know how vital play is to a child’s development. We are passionate about our business.” Says Paul Redden, the Managing Director at Eibe.

Established in 1975, eibe has over 46 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing playgrounds across the UK. Eibe is an internationally successful family-owned company with more than 300 employees worldwide. Its proud reputation is built by evolving into a contemporary dynamic business that produces imaginative and thought-provoking play spaces that children of all ages simply love. The secret of their success is producing high-quality play equipment that supports and inspires children of all ages and abilities.

Play sets the foundation for the development of critical social and emotional knowledge and skills. Through play, children learn to forge connections with others and to share, negotiate and resolve conflicts, as well as learn self-advocacy skills. Play also teaches children leadership as well as group skills. Providing children with the best play equipment to assist their development is important. Countless studies prove that physical activity (preferably in fresh air) directly supports a child's growth, development, and health. But which way is the best to do this? Simply let the experts from eibe handle the planning and design of your play area! Eibe provides individual solutions for nursery schools, KS1, KS2, and Special Educational needs. The playground designs are adventurous and challenging yet safe and secure. The functional play equipment is athletic and purposeful. They capture the hearts of children, as well as inspire adults and teachers every day. It is crucial that every one of must aim to embrace inclusivity and to make the necessary changes to allow for the participation of children with disabilities. Eibe Play’s equipment is constantly evolving as they aim to manufacture innovative ranges that consider the needs of those less fortunate. Their ‘Asteroid disc carousel’ is perfect for all-inclusive requirements and another popular item is the ‘Stand Up Seesaw’ which is a real favourite for small groups, easily accessible for all abilities.

Children learn social skills when they play together. Encouraging physical, social, and emotional development is not only an important part of everyday life, but it is an important factor that children need to be able to succeed in life. Early experiences lay the groundwork for lifelong learning and behaviour. Physical activity during break times helps school children concentrate better. Playground equipment can encourage children to explore many skills. For children, every day is an opportunity to grow, master, and refine the many physical skills that we, as adults, no longer even think about. Strength, balance, and coordination must all be developed through repetition and intense periods of concentration to which children are naturally inclined. Balancing helps agility and equilibrium and thus the athletic confidence of children. Climbing elements encourage nurturing motor skills.

When it comes to the design of new play equipment, eibe support you from the beginning with a full service: individual consultation, visits at the site, and bespoke concepts. Thanks to many years of experience, the designers at eibe will help implement your ideas in clear, easy to visualise stages and work with you on each individual step of the journey, managing costs for the duration of your scheme. Our project managers work seamlessly together with our internal specialists: You will always have a direct contact person who can consult, advise and refer whenever you have a specific question.

The safety of children is imperative. Children will always explore. They will always challenge themselves to climb higher, to swing further. Eibe guarantees that all play equipment is certified by the strictest inspecting authorities in the world. All the products are produced in Germany and are carefully tested before they are approved for usage. Eibe offers full service from professional, experienced consulting at best practice. Eibe provides affordable yet varied modular play systems to help support every child’s development through life. To make a play area not only visually attractive for children but also functional, certain aspects should be considered within the planning process. Eibe creates solutions that can help promote the perfect requirement for a school playground. Interesting concepts for Schools and nurseries that are educational, fun, and interesting. You can reply on Eibe. Contact Eibe today.