Nilco – Sanitiser Range Trusted by Professionals

For businesses, making staff and customers confident about the cleanliness of their premises has never been so important. Not only is having the highest cleaning and hygiene standards in place paramount but being able to demonstrate the measures taken to keep areas Coronavirus free plays a crucial role in how quickly and successfully industries find their feet again.

But how can businesses do this? One simple way is to ensure that all staff and customer touch points in a venue, from the entrance door and toilet doors to tables, handrails and chairs are continually sanitised to keep germs at bay and to make people at complete ease. However, continual wiping of so many contact points can be problematic and time consuming for staff. If only there was another way.

Well, there is! Nilco, the professionals’ choice for essential cleaning products and chemicals, has the ideal sanitising solution for businesses in all sectors helping them to carry out simple yet essential steps to re-open safely and instil confidence in their returning customers. Industry leader Nilco produces a wide range of dry-touch sanitising, virus and bacteria control products that can be used both as an airborne room spray and on all hard surfaces, as well as sanitising products for personal use.

The Nilco brand is manufactured, researched and produced in the UK by JBL Ltd which is part of the Tetrosyl Group of companies. All our products are trusted by professionals with scientific research into cleaning surface technology and skin sanitising. All Nilco products are compatible, giving the users confidence to know that not only are surfaces clean, but also free from contaminants and harmful bacteria.

Businesses are turning to the Nilco range as they feel confident in the knowledge that the products meet and exceed European Standards for bacteria and virus control with approvals on BS1276, BS1327, BS1500, BS13697, BS13704 and BS14476 including BRC consumer product certification.

The effectiveness of the Nilco products to deal with harmful microorganisms and provide a virus guard is reassuring for a wide range of businesses including; driving schools, barbers, hair and beauty salons, schools, nurseries and colleges, dentists, garden centres and restaurants.

The leading product in the Nilco range is the Nilbac Dry Touch sprays. The Max Blast is perfect for sanitising a room in a few sprays at the end of a day. The High Contact is a targeted spray for areas that see regular touching such as counter tops, handles, tables and chairs. And finally, the Touch Control spray that’s safe on electrical devices such as payment machines, keyboards and touch screens.

Stewart Wright, Owner of Nuovo Restaurant, explains the quality measures in place in his restaurant to provide the highest levels of health and safety for all involved. “We are so pleased to be back, serving customers and seeing smiles on their faces and we are doing everything we can to ensure their peace of mind. Our staff have been fully trained on all the products and technology we have invested in. We are using the professional range of Nilco products; with quick-dry sprays that you don’t have to wipe, it simply settles on the surface and kills all bacteria, and hands-free sanitiser stations for customer to use around the restaurant.”

Wobz, The Yorkshire Chair Barbers owner, said: “Our customers feel confident we are doing everything we can to ensure everywhere is sanitised. The Nilco products are on display and used on areas like our barber chairs, payment machines and toilet handles. I would highly recommend the no wipe sprays as they are quick and very effective.”

Nilco is also the Official Sanitiser Partners to the British Touring Car Championship and the Bennetts British Super Bikes. These partnerships are to ensure that each of the series’ scheduled returns are achieved in the safest way possible, with the supply of a number of specialist products, including hand-sanitising stations throughout various working areas, dry-touch sprays, anti-bacterial cleaners as well as for use in all official vehicles such as medical cars, safety cars and other essential vehicles being sanitised regularly throughout each day of each race weekend.

Alan Gow, BTCC Chief Executive, said: “We are living in unprecedented times as everyone throughout the world continues to work through the challenges that COVID-19 has posed. I have always stipulated that the correct procedures and protocols must be in place, in order to provide a safe environment for our return to racing, and I am pleased to welcome Nilco on-board as part of that process.”

For more information and to see our professional products in action visit our website or check out Nilco on Facebook and Twitter.