New Ransomes® mowers are the perfect fit for schools

Ransomes TR320

The TR320 is perfect for maintaining school pitches and surrounding areas. With the ability to cut and collect, you can rest assured that a clean, pristine finish will be achieved on cricket and football pitches, as well as longer grassed areas. The winning combination of narrow traansport width, a productive width-of-cut and superior manoeuvrability makes negotiating tight spaces, courtyards, and building surrounds a breeze.

The Ransomes TR320 is one of the lightest machines on the market, which ensures that there is less stress on turfed areas, providing a pristine finish in any weather conditions. It features a powerful 24.8hp Kubota® diesel engine with service-free direct drive to the hydraulic system. This provides plenty of power and places less demand on servicing and upkeep of the machine. Superb stability, traction and drive, ensure that the TR320 has class-leading slope capabilities, increasing operator safety and machine capabilities.

“The TR320 is the perfect machine for sports pitches and landscaping,” Lee Kristensen, Product Manager of Textron Specialized Vehicles, said. “The TR320 has been developed with simplicity and comfort at its core. Designed to place as little stress on the turf as possible, alongside a wide range of cutting options, the TR320 delivers a first-class finish. Common components have also been used, meaning that servicing the machine is extremely simple.”

The TR320 has the narrowest transport width (1.64m) in its class and an impressive cutting width of up to 2.13m. This combination allows operators to safely negotiate the tightest of spaces, such as areas around buildings and courtyards, with ease. Many reel options are also available to suit various applications, and users have the option to choose either smooth or treaded tyres.

Developed with operator comfort in mind, the new platform offers a fully adjustable control arm with ergonomic fingertip controls. Visibility from the operator’s platform has been enhanced to provide unobstructed views of the cutting units, increasing safety and ease-of-operation.

With the option of an on-board backlap function, the Ransomes TR320 has been built for productivity, quality of cut and durability. The TR320 provides a quality maintenance solution for schools, sports pitches and landscaping applications.

Ransomes HM600

Building on the foundations of the successful Ransomes MP wide area mower platform, the HM600 features a powerful 65.2hp Kubota turbo diesel engine and has been developed to meet the expanding needs of grounds maintenance teams.

The HM600 has a cutting width of 3.2m (1.6m at front) with all mowers engaged, combining a high cutting capacity with exceptional productivity. In fact, the HM600 has the potential to save operators up to 21.5% on cost per each m2 cut over established less productive models.

The size and design of the HM600 brings new levels of versatility to flail mowing.  It is superbly manoeuvrable, can turn fast and cut close to parkland furniture, trees and other obstacles. The fingertip control of individual units makes trimming around these obstacles easy. Operators can then fold up all units securely to transport easily between work areas and access confined sites.
“We have developed the HM600 to tackle some of the issues that grounds maintenance teams face such as an increase in the variation of topographies,” Lee Kristensen, Ransomes Product Manager, said. “The HM600 features mulching technology from Müthing, ensuring a superior after-cut appearance, and an even spread of clippings even in wet conditions. The cutting units also feature rear rollers so the option to stripe sports pitches or finer turf is available.”

This combination of technology from Ransomes and Müthing will allow users to produce a clean, fine, rolled finish for school sports pitches, or make light work of routine cuts, leaving an even spread of mulched clippings. It is also able to tackle irregular cuts, bringing the lesser maintained areas back under control. The HM600 can be used on all areas around your site with the versatility to do it all, the productivity to do it fast and the technology for a superior finish.

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About Ransomes

Ransomes manufacture the world’s first lawnmower, the “Budding’s Patent” in 1832. The way grass was maintained changed forever.

Over 180 years later we are still cutting grass in exactly the same way using a rotating cylinder and a fixed bottom blade. Budding was a true innovator and in all that time we have not found a better way of maintaining fine turf.

Thanks to our unrivalled understanding of turf maintenance equipment, we are trusted to maintain some of the world’s most prestigious fine turf areas, such as royal palace lawns, legendary golf courses, cemeteries, stadia, monuments and football pitches including those at the numerous FIFA World Cups. As we look to the future of our industry, Ransomes will continue to build upon our legendary history through quality, innovation and green initiatives.