National Education Framework

The new National Education Framework for the provision of Multi-Functional Devices and Digital Transformation Solutions launched on 26th April.

This framework has been developed by Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) and is contract managed by Dukefield Procurement. The framework is designed to provide access to an extensive range of products and services; offering solutions to meet the needs of all education providers from primary schools to further education institutions.

The framework is an easy, cost effective and quick solution for procuring all requirements for print and digital solutions. Whether you’re looking for a straightforward route to buying your multi-functional devices or a long-term strategic partner for transforming your digital infrastructure we can help.

Working with suppliers and speaking to framework users we gleaned that needs may change, so with that in mind, this framework offers the flexibility you need in an ever-changing environment.

There are ten suppliers on each of the two lots made up of both manufacture brands and value-added resellers providing choice across a number of technologies, software and supporting services.

Lot 1 is designed to be an efficient and effective solution for any size school to obtain their multi-functional devices and any additional associated services. This is the no fuss, no hassle, compliant route that requires minimal paperwork with the option of using just a single page order form.

Lot 2 is a market-leading, innovative, and flexible solution with a wide product offering for digital transformation. Customers’ requirements are likely to change over time and in response to the pandemic. This can easily be reflected in the tailored solution provided. This flexibility means you could start with a simple managed print solution or just some audio visual equipment and then add more services as and when you need them. This could be anything from a document management system to a fully managed cloud based solution. You don’t need to commit to the full package upfront and end up being locked-in to something you don’t want or need for multiple years. This lot follows your journey and adapts to your digital, hardware and software requirements whatever they may be.

This lot allows you to have one provider who can work with you as a strategic partner, which provides the opportunity for a more tailored service from a supplier that really understands your digital transformation journey.

Under both lots there is the option to direct award or run a further competition exercise, this is explained in detail in the user guides available from the dedicated framework website. Support is available via the dedicated Help Desk, so you can feel confident that you’re making the right choice for your requirements. The Help Desk provides technical advice and guidance to assist you with all your necessary requirements.

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