Morgan Stewart Interiors

Schools, colleges and universities recognise that every aspect of classroom furniture, from seat location to aesthetic design will have a significant impact on learning – and budget.

Morgan Stewart Interiors is a trusted provider of durable educational furniture and educational interior design with more than 20 years experience.

Our educational interior design service is provided free as part of our consultation, to ensure that the schools, colleges and universities we work with are able to create a supportive learning environment that is visually stunning, stimulating and functional, meeting current and future needs.

Furniture for specialist educational requirements

We offer a huge range of specialist educational furniture to suit a particular purpose, from easily stackable furniture to suit a dual-purpose space to educational chairs for musicians, auditorium furniture for lecture halls and even professional seating for concert halls.  Here are a number of areas we excel in:

Classroom Furniture – with free Classroom Planning Service

Our philosophy starts by providing hardwearing classroom furniture that looks as good on the second term as it did at the first - and continues with our free classroom planning service, ensuring that desks and chair layouts are arranged for the optimum learning experience.

Music School Furniture  

‘Any old chair’ simply won’t do for musicians.  Getting the right music chair will empower musicians to deliver their best performance, in full support and comfort, whether playing a cello, a guitar, a piano or a trombone.

We completely furnished the new Queen Elizabeth Music School at Kings Bruton, including a stunning recital hall, ahead of Her Majesty the Queens visit in 2019.  The school was delighted and have given us a glowing reference.  You can read all about the visit on our website.

We have access to an unparalleled range of specialist music school furniture that you won’t find on the high street, with solutions to suit all budgets.

Common Room Furniture

We also offer comfortable common room furniture that looks good, encourages growing independence and performs brilliantly.  For sixth form common rooms in particular, we like to create multi-purpose spaces that work equally well for both study and relaxation, encouraging responsibility and developing adult behaviour, while allowing for fun.  

We have refurbished and created a number of common rooms and break out areas in UK schools and colleges (and workplaces, too!) and have received excellent feedback from schools and pupils alike.

ICT Furniture

Every school these days needs to think about ICT.  However, as we learn more about the necessities of working on computers, we are seeing a whole new range of work-related musculoskeletal illness, much of it caused by poor posture and inadequate support while working on devices.

Good postural habits need to start early on, and in an increasingly litigious society, both employers and schools cannot afford to ignore postural support.

We work with your school to design inspiring furniture layouts that make the most of available light and provide fit-for-purpose furniture that will support teachers and pupils in a modern, functional environment.

Café and Dining Room furniture

While café and dining room spaces need to be functional, with affordable furniture solutions that are hygienic and easily cleaned, that doesn’t mean they have to feel dull and boring.

The ‘school canteen’ should not be a shameful corner, but somewhere you can proudly escort visitors and parents to, reflecting positively on the school.

Expensive?  Well, we certainly can accommodate those who want to spend more, but even when economy dining room furniture is chosen, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the best impression you can. 

We don’t believe in ‘one-chair-and-table-fits-all’.

Our free design service won’t just make the most of the available space and light, we will find or design café and dining room furniture that meets your needs beautifully.

On installation, you’ll be delighted to show visitors around your dining spaces – and even happier when we come within your budget. Long-term. you’ll also find our catering furniture ranges are especially hard-wearing, standing the test of time and maintaining their looks – and importantly, coping with growth, because we will help you factor that in.

Independent and Private Schools

As well as independent UK academies, Morgan Stewart Interiors work with day and boarding independent schools, providing everything from a complete furnishing solution for the whole school, to just one classroom.

It is somewhat of a niche market, where schools have to balance creating an impressive learning environment to please parents, who pay for their child’s education, with the practical needs of the teachers and comfort of the students, contributing to an excellent learning experience.  

Our free interior design service means we can maximise space and light, so from the word go the space is uplifting and inspiring.  

We will work with you to find the right educational furniture solution, based on your needs, budget and available space – our interior designers will deliver a long term strategy so your furnishing solution allows for growth, too.

Furniture for Colleges and universities

We have entirely furnished a number of UK colleges and universities, both boarding and day areas.

We have glowing recommendations from these projects, although we are equally happy to design and furnish just one classroom.

For New Stirling University College, we were recently instructed to work with them on furnishing a number of spaces, from café and catering areas, ICT spaces, breakout areas, classrooms and even reception seating.  

We also worked with INTO, a global specialist in educational development to design and furnish a complete University College Centre, including a 511 bedroom residential facility, at Exeter College.

You can see the results of these projects in the case studies on our website.  

We currently have a number of large similar projects underway, and pride ourselves on delivering the highest levels of personal attention on every educational furniture project we work on.

Reception Areas and Head Teachers Offices

When it comes to the ‘business’ end of the school, often schools will look for a different supplier.

At Morgan Stewart Interiors, we don’t just do educational furniture and already provide some of the UK’s top executives with executive office furniture and boardroom areas that stand out from the crowd, as well as providing general office furniture

We deliver the same level of personal attention and interior design to corporate receptions, boardrooms and executive offices that we offer to large educational furnishing projects.

Head teachers keen to create an impressive office where they can greet visitors and parents will be delighted with the range of furniture we are able to provide.

This means that schools can get everything from one supplier, with no need to co-ordinate between multiple suppliers in different parts of the school.

The Morgan Stewart approach

At Morgan Stewart, we are a firm believer in quality and value for money - if educational furniture lasts longer, works better and needs less maintenance it will cost schools less in the long run.  Our commitment is always to exceed expectations.

We take a personal approach to every project, designing the space, thinking about your future requirements, and no matter what the budget, finding the best solution to meet budget, timeframe and purpose.

Our high-quality approach to educational furniture is also surprisingly competitive because we work with a wide range of furniture designers who don’t sell on the high street.  Why not ask for a free, no-obligation quote?