Making Experiential Learning Affordable in Education

COVID has arguably been a significant catalyst for change in the areas of learning and development and immersive education. Lawrie Day from Cogintas Global explores why now has never been a better time for educational authorities and schools to implement alternative learning delivery strategies.

Innovative learning
Innovation in the classroom that provides creativity in a safe and trustworthy environment, allows students to grow and take risks without compromise and starts to equip them for later life. By giving them the challenge of reconciling real world problems, we are encouraging students to understand that their voices matter.

The lockdowns have confirmed the need for educators to remain versatile and able to adapt to learning either remotely or within the school environment. However to achieve this, innovation is required to keep learners connected and engaged. Our immersive learning platform, View360 Global provides such an opportunity.

Virtual reality learning
Modern immersive learning can be divided into two distinct styles. Virtual reality (VR) learning tends to be aimed at mechanical and technical process driven learning or other areas of training and the design reflects a more ‘game’ based or ‘adventure style’ learning.

The education sector has begun to enjoy the benefits of VR but arguably, despite its successful integration into subject areas such as biology, chemistry, art, physics and maths, this style of learning comes at a premium price.   

VR learning is a high cost purchase including the supply of VR equipment, namely headsets, hardware, and software programs. COVID has raised additional concerns about health and safety plus not all learners enjoy the physical experience of VR and the side effects that can occur when taking part in the activity.

Immersive learning
Immersive simulation and learning tends to focus on evidencing critical thinking processes. This is where the working environment and materials are closely simulated. Immersive learning has the flexibility to allow students  to work alone or collaboratively to achieve specific learning outcomes.

The benefits of immersive learning are well documented.  It has been proven that information presented in mixed reality is retained more efficiently and  improvese learning outcomes and results. Feedback shows that the opportunity to learn in a safe environment engenders a much more enjoyable style of learning.

View360 Global™
Cognitas Global’s View360 Global platform facilitates immersive and blended learning, and does not use VR type technology. The platform’s capabilities extend far beyond the functionality of virtual conferencing software such as Zoom or MS Teams. These types of software are  not designed for bespoke immersive learning yet have been adapted as a quick-fix or cheaper option by some providers.  

Tomorrow’s Learning for Today
Our multilingual, immersive platform allows for the creation of bespoke learning solutions and simulations. Immersive learning can be delivered without the need for complex IT infrastructure in one location or remotely through the integrated video conferencing facility, in over 90 languages.

View360 Global is an excellent adaptable tool that has been extensively used internationally to deliver capacity building and technical assistance in countries emerging from conflict and political transition.

Our platform continues to be used for delivering training for crisis management, compliance, business continuity, human resource, safeguarding and education, amongst many others. In an educational environment it can be used for students, but also by staff and at governance level to test crisis management policies and procedures.

Its user-friendly interface and functionality are accessible through an internet browser and most importantly for many organisations that have security concerns, it requires no installation of third-party software. The cloud-based delivery and video conferencing functionality makes it possible for facilitator led learning to take place in a local environment or remotely, with participants located globally.

Video breakout room functionality means that multiple remote participants can collaborate as a team. They communicate and receive responses in their own language, which are translated using an advanced Google API. Amazon Web Space and our VPN encryption systems ensure security of data.

Educating schools
The cost of integrating this platform is significantly lower than its VR alternatives and requires no complex technological infrastructure. Immersive learning just requires access to an internet browser and a suitable environment in the classroom, home, or office, in which to participate.

As an accredited Skills for Justice  Training Centre and  ‘Kirkpatrick New World Model’ practitioner (, we approach all our Learning and Development projects and practitioner training by applying high academic standards and principles to achieve the desired outcomes.

At Cognitas Global, we engage with the education sector to fully understand their needs and offer solutions that are cost effective and provide a measured return on investment. When budgets have never been under more pressure, we are committed to providing a sustainable immersive learning experience connecting primary and secondary education.

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