Make your offline marketing work with where the trade buys...

The days when educational establishments simply had a guaranteed intake of students every new academic year are long gone.

In the past there was no real need to market colleges, universities, schools and academies in the way that is now so familiar – people just made a decision based on the limited amount of information available.

Times have changed and every seat of learning, from nurseries through to unis, are fighting for a share of the market and need to use every available tool to achieve their necessary intake.

And of course it doesn’t stop once you’ve got them through the doors. Those new students bring with them lots of opportunities for you to continue to market your services, providing you have the right collateral.

Where The Trade Buys is renowned for being one of the best digital print platforms around, able to manage everything from small runs to huge quantities of high quality materials which can be created speedily and efficiently.

WTTB provide all the tools to help sectors grow and we know that printed materials are a vital part in the learning process.

We have more than 200 products and we already work with hundreds of different organisations in the educational sector, offering everything from small run projects for students to large scale runs for school.

And the good news is that we also offer a discount to anyone who operates in this sector, with 10 per cent off the first order and then five per cent off the second.

We have our own offline marketing where you can view our content for the world of education at which is constantly being updated.

It’s particularly good news for anyone working in education where there is never enough time to do everything that needs doing – so knowing you can upload your print needs in minutes and then can forget about it until it turns up – is a huge asset for frazzled educators.

Like any other commercial business, education establishments need to fight for their share of the market and use every tool in the box to raise general awareness of their courses, attract students and enhance their reputation.

While we may well live in a digital age, there’s no doubting the effectiveness and importance of something tangible which you can hold in your hand.

Don’t dismiss the idea of a hard copy brochure or handbook – research shows that this has a much higher retention rate of information than something that might be just read online.

Brochures are a great way of including all of the information you want to share – particularly in the case of further education courses, your pastoral care, your accommodation or your location.

Don’t forget to use your actual location as a marketing tool. Some well placed, eye catching banners can easily create interest from passing trade and are a fairly low cost investment.

A range of pop up banners are always useful and again, incredibly economical. They can be used as a directional prop for new students to guide them round the school, college or campus or again as a way of promoting your offering.

If you’re an establishment that actively takes part in careers or recruitment fairs then having these kind of marketing materials in your arsenal ensures you stand out from the crowd and will be remembered by those attending.

The same goes for A frame boards – an excellent and well priced addition to your marketing toolkit.

At Where The Trade Buys we pride ourselves on the versatility of our product range and the sheer variety of what we can offer.

Mindful that branded giveaways are an excellent way not only to endear you with your new students but also are something that has a high retention factor, they are something definitely worth considering.

Again we have a number of items that you can make your own and that you can give to your students which will allow them to do your marketing for you.

A branded selfie frame for example can capture those special moments which students and their parents will love to share – and the fact that it also happens to help create awareness of your establishment is a real plus.

And don’t forget the importance of a good, old fashioned student or school newspaper – although they don’t necessarily have to be old fashioned at all.

A hard copy that everyone can pick up and read at their leisure is something to be enjoyed and is also a great place to include QR codes which can lead to special offers, activities or just other information.

At Where The Trade Buys we have endless solutions for educational establishments of all sizes and types and we’d be delighted to share our knowledge with you.

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