Logitech Education Solutions

Logitech Education Solutions

With over 40 years’ of design excellence, we’ve collaborated with teachers, students and IT specialists to support the best learning experiences through technology. We know it is vital for teachers to have intuitive tools that make lessons seamless, and for students to have the right solutions so they can confidently collaborate, engage and interact.

We are proud to work with educators to develop solutions that fit every learning environment and at a budget that suits your needs. Logitech ensures students can navigate, communicate and focus with help from a mouse, external keyboard, a headset and more.

At Logitech, supporting education is central to our mission - as we know that today’s students are tomorrow’s innovators.

Logitech is committed to igniting the full potential of students of all learning styles, we aim to inspire a love of learning. To achieve this, we design products both for and with students and teachers - making sure that they spark focus and stamina.

Over the last two decades education has been on a digital journey. As technology has improved and become more accessible, education institutions have been adopting solutions that support and enhance learning.

Like many sectors, education fast-tracked its digital journey during the pandemic. We witnessed an incredible reaction from institutions that adapted to social distancing restrictions, found new solutions and ensured continuity.

Fast forward to today, and we see Educators considering investing in technology for the classroom of the now. What’s clear is that educators need solutions that provide a quality learning experience, that supports:

The right solutions support a student’s ability to work the way they need to for the best outcome and help them focus on activities like reading, writing or research.

Teachers can help students build critical thinking, teamwork, and social skills with solutions that enable collaboration.

Connect students with remote experts or peers in alternate locations, enable digital learning, and more.

Support the development of vibrant educational environments, whilst meeting the needs of curriculums and budgets.

Students learn best when they can express ideas in their own way, by providing the correct tools educational institutions can empower students with the choice in how to interact and work with the learning material. Put choice in the palm of students’ hands, letting them take handwritten notes, draw, and work out maths problems; building confidence, and strengthening connections to deepen learning.  

Logitech also considers the needs for educators by ensuring that all students can hear them clearly to grab - and keep their attention with external webcams and whiteboards for a more natural teaching and learning experience.
Enable creativity in the classroom through the use of styluses, make notes directly onto the student device with no pairing needed. Using a stylus can open doors for student-to-student collaboration, working alongside a growing list of digital apps. It makes student work more legible, and allows students to revisit their assignments without having to dig through papers. With classrooms becoming more paperless, it's a valuable tool. With a pixel-precise digital stylus students can write, draw, sketch and annotate providing the control needed to create and collaborate.

No matter what ecosystem your educational institution uses iPad, Chromebook or Windows, we have a solution that gives students the power to learn by boosting knowledge, retention and achievement.

Logitech is committed to ensuring the next generation inherits a planet that allows them to live their fullest lives. Designing with sustainability in mind - from the moment the raw materials are sourced, right through to its potential end-of-life. We realise that the biggest opportunities in reducing environmental impact arise early in the design process.

100% product portfolio and operations carbon neutral across full value chain (Scope 1, 2 & 3)

65% mice and keyboards made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, +15% ahead of original target

5.6 million plastic shipping bags eliminated or avoided

Up to 71% packaging size, weight and material usage reduction depending on the product line

Designed for fast unboxing and quick scanning

Logitech empowers end-users with simple and convenient opportunities to reduce waste and extend the life of devices. We understand that education technology is likely to receive significant wear and tear. Therefore our products are hardwearing, whilst being repairable, so they continue to inspire generations of students, regardless of how they were treated previously.

Technology offers exciting ways to make the most of these opportunities—and to create dynamic moments. If you’re looking to update your classroom tools for the future - we can help!

Get in touch today to see how we can support your educational institution. You can learn more on our website or contact us today.