LocknCharge is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and functionality of the highest quality security, charging and transport solutions for mobile device deployments. Our vision is to be globally recognized as the most innovative and trusted brand in developing solutions for managing deployments of mobile technology. Our mission is to make life easier for schools and organisations implementing mobile device technology.

The purpose of LocknCharge, and the reason for doing what we do, is to make people’s life easier. Easier for all people that we interact with and sell to. LocknCharge makes products that make life easier for people managing deployments of mobile technology and the people using the mobile technology.

Designed for you

The unique open top-loading design and baskets make deployment of devices easier than ever before. Baskets by LocknCharge allow devices to be shared between and throughout classrooms quickly, safely and easily by using Chromebook charging carts for schools. Devices can be distributed in a fraction of the time, saving up to 70 hours of instructional time each school year per 30-unit cart.

Additionally, the universal charging carts, provide maximum flexibility in what type of devices you need to charge. You can swap out the charging cables to charge any type of device, including; Chromebooks, tablets, iPads, laptops and even robots. As your technology changes, you don’t have to reinvest in a new charging solution. If it fits in a cart, it can be charged in the cart. Doesn’t that make life easier!

It just makes life easier

Schools that employ charging and storing solutions for their mobile devices take advantage of three significant benefits: ensuring devices are fully charged and ready to use, securing them from accidental loss or theft, and simplifying how shared devices are distributed.

1. Ensuring devices are ready to use

With school-owned and personal mobile devices in heavy use, they’re bound to lose their charge at some point during the day. Plugging a device into any available outlet may seem like the obvious solution, but outlets are hard to come by and do not provide protection against breakage or theft. On-demand, centralised and secure charging towers offer a modern convenience without expensive infrastructure updates to the school.

One learning information systems coordinator in Wisconsin has first-hand experience with the challenge of students needing to charge their devices throughout the day. “Kids were leaving devices wherever there was an open outlet. At one point, an outlet in the cafeteria was being used so frequently that it disrupted the lunch line,” the teacher explained.

2. Securing devices from loss or theft

An effective school safety and security program addresses both physical and online threats. Since January of 2016, there have been over 700 cyber incidents reported about K-12 public schools and districts in the United States.[1] In the UK, over four-fifths of schools have experienced at least one cybersecurity incident.[2]

10% of mobile devices break or go missing in the first year of deployment, and 41% of data breaches are due to lost and stolen mobile devices. One critical way to secure your devices from physical attacks is to keep them out of the wrong hands in the first place. Implementing durable, secure charging stations will offer theft protection and safeguard devices when not in use, providing signifi¬cant savings on replacement hardware while avoiding costs incurred from compromised data. Ultra-secure locking systems protect mobile devices from theft, breakage and loss, giving educators peace of mind that their devices are always safe and sound.

3. Simplifying how devices are distributed

From inputting endless data to raising standardised test scores, it’s no surprise that teachers feel overwhelmed. A quality of work survey found that educators and school staff find their work twice as stressful as the general workforce.[3] Technology shouldn’t add to the stress of managing numerous day-to-day duties. By simplifying how devices are set up and distributed, educators can spend more time teaching and less time tracking down and handing out devices.

Retaining high-performing teachers is key to a productive classroom. If teachers feel unsupported as new technology is introduced, attitudes can quickly go from excitement to frustration. Easy and efficient mobile device workflow in the classroom can mitigate that frustration and improve teacher satisfaction. Innovative features in a charging solution like charging status indicator lights and mobile device baskets can simplify daily device distribution–giving teachers more control over how they use their class time.

When educators feel supported by their council, they know that their personal well-being is important. Time-saving baskets allow teachers and students to quickly and safely distribute devices every day, putting up to two weeks of class time back into the hands of teachers every year.

All of these benefits ensure that devices can provide the level of utility and productivity that educators demand. Is your school or council in the research or pilot stage of deploying devices? No matter the stage, understand the drivers behind workforce mobilisation and best practices of those deployments in our eBook on Mapping the Mobile Device Journey.

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