Brand New Keyless Lockers; Perfect for Schools, Perfect for Students, Proving Free Lockers Nationwide For Education.

Students today require school lockers more than ever. With a vast range of subjects in the curriculum, as well as many extra-curricular activities on offer, students are often required to bring many books, textbooks, and folders with them daily, which can quickly become extremely heavy for students, leaving many suffering from back pain. And that’s without taking into consideration any other equipment they may need such as P.E kits and musical instruments and electronic devices! Some schools may try to tackle this problem by reducing the amount of equipment required, some even ‘going paperless’ where possible, but one issue that’s much trickier to solve is theft! Understandably students can’t be with their bags 100% of the time at school, leaving their belongings in a vulnerable position. And let’s face it, with most students today carrying smart phones and tablets, there’s a lot more at risk than just their lunch money! By providing students with a school locker, they can carry what they need for each lesson at a time, rather than the whole day. Plus, valuables can be safely locked away when required, without the worry of them being stolen.

At Locker Space, we speak to schools on a regular basis who would love to provide a locker for their students, as well as many schools who are desperate to replace the old, worn-out lockers they currently have in place. Yet they often find that due to a lack of capital budget and the high cost of new lockers, they can’t afford to purchase the amount of lockers they really need, if any at all. That’s where we come in! We strongly believe that students shouldn’t be deprived of a school locker and therefore have created a locker rental package specifically for the UK’s education sector.

For some schools, budget may not be the sole reason preventing them from acquiring new lockers, as space can also be an issue. We are very creative at Lockers Space, and you would be surprised where our lockers can be installed.

The lockers are provided Free of any charge to all size schools, colleges and Universities. The Lockers are owned by Locker Space and are available for Parents/students to rent on an annual basis with Locker Space being responsible for their maintenance and digital code locking management. The lockers can be rented online via our safe secure Be-spoke booking system where lockers can be chosen and pick the location of their locker, rental costs for a student locker is £36 per year with flexible payment options, allowing students use of these for the whole academic year from September through to July. Please note all bookings terminate at the end of the school year in July. The lockers cost can be pro-rated so we can provide installation at any anytime of the year.

We collect their payments, issue them a locker number & location and email them their locker code.Indoor and outdoor lockers available in the colours of your choice. If you already have lockers that need upgrading or a lot of your time is taken up with lost keys etc. then we can replace your current lockers .

We offer a fully managed service to free up your staff and budget.The lockers are designed and manufactured in UK. Protected with Elite GUARD anti-bacterial powder coating, fights bacterial contamination. It is 99.9% effective against MRSA and E-coli. It is also shown to exhibit zero growth for fungi and moulds.

To enquire about the Free supply of lockers for your school, college or university call us on Free Phone, Or visit our website and member of the team would love to learn more about your requirements and provide a no obligation free site survey.

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