Learning at Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a living Church, representing Faith at the Heart of our Nation, where daily worship is offered to Almighty God, as it has been ever since the year 960.

Westminster Abbey is also one of the world’s great visitor attractions and a school visit here is an awe-inspiring event for children. The coronations of Kings and Queens has taken place here since 1066, and many of the nation’s monarchs are buried here. Over 3,000 other men and women are buried or memorialised here: scientists and engineers, statesmen and politicians, lawyers and warriors, clerics, poets and novelists, actors and musicians.

The Education Department offers a wide range of guided tours, creative workshops, self-led trails, and special events for school groups. Staffed by qualified teachers, heritage education professionals and experienced volunteers, sessions are curriculum-linked, and designed to complement programmes of study for EYFS and all key stages, including GCSE and A-level RS and History.

We lead sessions on a wide range of curriculum subjects, including RS, History, Literacy, STEM, and Art. We also participate in national learning weeks, such as Shakespeare Week, Science Week, and Parliament Week. Many of our special events are led by costumed interpreters and in partnership with other organisations, and all are designed to support learning in creative and engaging ways.

Westminster Abbey is just a two minute walk from Parliament and many schools combine a visit to the Houses with a session here. Our popular Church and State or British Values guided tours are designed to highlight the links between the two sites and help to create a valuable and educational day out.

For those unable to visit, or interested in a pre-visit session, we also offer video-conferencing, via Skype, direct to your classroom. One of our specialist team will talk to you and take you through a presentation on one of a range of curriculum-linked topics. Students can also access out Virtual Tour of the Abbey, available on the website, which allows access to the whole building, including the Shrine of St. Edward the Confessor, not always accessible to visitors because of its unique importance and sanctity.

With a rich tradition of Christian worship and over a thousand years of history, pupils will be inspired by a visit to Westminster Abbey. The Education Department offers a varied programme of events throughout the year designed to enhance the learning of pupils of all ages.