Lapsafe self- service solutions company profile for education business.

LapSafe® is the industry’s leading expert in managing mobile computing, powering smart technologies and providing smart self-service locker solutions.  We specialise in providing safe power management solutions that allow charging, synching and data transfer for laptops, tablets and other such devices in volume.

With over twenty years’ experience LapSafe® has the widest range of secure storage and charging cabinets and trolleys for IT devices within the market today.

The brand name LapSafe® is extremely well known within the Education Sector for laptop/tablet storage and recharging trolleys.  Just over 70% of the UK’s universities use LapSafe® self-service lockers and our self-service solutions are used globally.  

The name LapSafe® has become a ‘Hoover’ syndrome because schools and IT resellers talk about a LapSafe® as a storage and recharging trolley, meaning a cabinet that holds and securely stores laptops whilst recharging them.  

We are the original inventors of the laptop storage and recharging trolley and when it was first launched there was no other such product available anywhere!  Since then, ‘metal manufacturers’ have tried to copy the concept, but no one has been as successful in providing the ultra-safe power management solution that fits into our product range, ensuring that the unit can charge up to 40 laptops, 60 tablets in one cabinet without tripping fuses – some actually break electrical regulations.  No one else offers the Education Sector such flexible and upgradeable solutions.  We are really proud of what we have achieved and determined to protect our brand.

All of our products are fully and independently tested to meet or exceed required British Safety Standards and HSE guidelines.  Our patented power management systems ensure user safety whilst focussing on easy device retrieval.  All products are covered by an extensive warranty, making us a cut above the rest.

We have over 300+ business partners within England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland who promote and sell our product range together with their own.  We also have overseas partners in The Netherlands, Iceland, Spain, France, Belgium, Sweden, Middle East, Australia and USA.  
We pride ourselves on our Business Partner Programme and our Manufacturing Partner Programme and it is these together with our quality products that have allowed our business to grow from strength to strength.

We manufacture our product range within the UK and support as many local businesses as possible.  Our core product range is British built and conforms to British Standards.  We deliver our core product range by using our own fleet of drivers so that we can ensure that our ‘end users’ receive the best attention throughout their purchase.  Even though we sell through our business partners we remain the contact for service and support and again we do this to ensure our ‘end users’ get the best attention possible.

Our in-depth knowledge of the education and commercial sectors, coupled with extensive in-house IT skills, gives us an edge over the competition.  We continue to design and develop our range to stay abreast of the fast pace of change within the world of technology.

We have our own in-house design and development team who keep our products up-to-date and at the forefront of the market.  

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Warneford Consulting

A niche within a niche; how to thrive as a small estate management consultancy within the academy school sector

Tim Warneford, Managing Director of Warneford Consulting, has over the last two years, produced a series of 20 podcasts called ’Developing the Trust’, in which he interviews a broad range of academy experts to identify and share best practice across the academy sector.