Kura’s purpose is to enable safer, greener, smarter travel for all schools

Combining leading edge proprietary technology with the best vehicle operators nationwide, Kura enables educational organisations to maximise the safety, wellbeing, and productivity of their students and staff, whilst driving down transport costs and CO2 emissions.

From 2021, Kura is now able to offer its innovative technology to any school or college looking to take control of their existing transport service, available to implement easily at any time of year. Kura Software

  • Easy set-up and training from our Customer Success Team
  • Auto boarding & alighting notifications to the parent app
  • Send custom live service notifications to parents
  • Portal login for service tracking
  • Driver training
  • Initial route analysis & recommendations
  • Ongoing support for Customer Success

In addition, Kura will continue to offer its fully tech-enabled managed transport service including routes where required.

Kura Managed Kura Control Centre Team will manage your daily operations:

  • Managed implementation & set-up process
  • Auto boarding & alighting notifications to the parent app
  • Parent comms managed by Kura Control Centre Team
  • Parent email & inbound phone support
  • Driver training
  • Quarterly route reviews & recommendations
  • Pro-active tracking
  • Incident management
  • Customer Success & Support teams

Kura Managed Plus

Kura Managed plus our procurement expertise including:

  • Vetted Operator identification & selection
  • Ongoing Operator & driver management
  • Ongoing compliance checks
  • Operator auditing
  • Driver compliance checks
  • Multi-Operator single bill service

Get in touch at ridekura.com for a Kura software demo or to discuss more complex transport and route requirements.

Adapting to the Current Pandemic

The COVID crisis clearly presents unique challenges to schools. In 2019 a survey of independent schools showed that recruiting dedicated drivers is schools biggest challenge to operating an efficient transport service. COVID means it may become harder as fewer operators will be available as demand begins to stabilize. Kura’s network of more than 640 vetted, school-transport-ready operators have allowed our partner schools to quickly and easily add to their routes and capacity to meet demand.

Challenges for Schools

Schools themselves have been reacting to fast-changing government advice and largely being required to implement their own procedures and protocols to mitigate the threat. For many, home to school transport was yet another administration-drain on the planning process with the potential, if not implemented with the same levels of care as the new onsite protocols, to compromise their efficacy.

Kura worked with partner schools to ensure we could provide services with the right measures to support the onsite protocols, including social distanced services (requiring larger vehicles on some routes at short notice), cleaning and sanitization of vehicles, new boarding and alighting procedures to minimize risk of transmission between students and staff, adapting our technology to provide track and trace capabilities, and sourcing new vehicles and vetted drivers from our unrivalled UK network to provide additional services.

These additional services proved a key measure to back up the duty of care underpinning schools’ values – as parental trust in public transport was shaken during the pandemic two alternatives remained, book onto dedicated school transport, or drive them in themselves if possible

Short Term Outlook

Trust in public transport remains low due to the perceived risks of mixing with others outside of the school or home bubble. This is likely to lead to continued high levels of demand for dedicated school transport services, particularly as workplaces begin to open again.

With mixed results apparent from Government’s track and trace scheme many are looking to alternative methods of reassurance. Kura NFC and tracking technology can be installed in less than 2 weeks on existing services allowing reporting on who was present on which service, and at what time, simplifying the search for who has been exposed to an infected individual.

The Environment

As the threat of COVID slowly diminishes, focus will return to the harm emissions due to traffic cause to the environment. In fact, this could become urgent if the current trends continue with parents choosing inefficient low occupancy cars for the school run over more sustainable methods. The expansion of Ultra Low Emission Zones in urban centres will return as the government and local councils seek to ensure improved air quality in cities and beyond.

How Kura Can Help

Kura technology and services can be quickly employed to bolster or replace existing transport services, providing new routes, vehicles and drivers or providing self-serve technology to enable dedicated track and trace and journey tracking for schools and parents – reducing administration and simplifying parent communication whilst promoting transparency.

Download our free COVID safety guide to see the measures we have put in place with our partner schools.

Get in touch to learn more about how we are helping 11,000 students get to and from school in a safer, greener, smarter way throughout Lockdown 2.0 and beyond.