Key & Asset Management Systems and Solutions

Keys and equipment are vital to every organisation, but keeping these secure while quickly accessible without time-consuming administration, can be challenging.
Keytracker products include an extensive range of secure solutions for every organisation that are quick & easy to use. From a basic key safe box to advanced electronic key control systems, providing efficient solutions to manage important keys and equipment professionally.

Wide Range of Key & Asset Control Systems and Solutions

Managing keys and other assets vital to daily operations can pose many challenges to any organisation. In busy environments where multiple users collect and return shared-use items, it is essential that assets be easily tracked and controlled.
Keytracker offers a variety of intelligent storage solutions which enable businesses to achieve greater visibility over their assets, with systems featuring advanced software that provide real-time data on all user transactions and activity. From small key lockers to large laptop locker systems, providing accountability over assets for organisations and a straightforward experience for users.

Keys Are Always Telling a Story About When They Were Used, by Whom & For How Long
Some of the advantages gained by using a Keytracker cabinet for operational keys...
The Keytracker Cabinet guarantees that all keys are always secure, exactly in their correct position within the cabinet for fast access, or in the safe hands of a known authorised employee. The anti-tamper seals ensure no individual key theft, even when off-site, ensuring all bunches are returned, complete. In addition, Keytracker ensures that all the keys are always quickly available to all authorised users, not tucked away or unavailable. Instant reports show which keys were used and what they were used for, or how long staff took to complete that task, whilst ensuring the keys are all returned quickly on completion for other users to access.
Keytracker can quickly and easily report what keys were used by which staff & when. Many optional features include pre-booking of keys, ensuring availability to others until required. Keytracker software can be linked to a website, showing those vehicles or properties that are available the second they are plugged into the “live” cabinet, or removed from the website when ticked or plugged into the secondary cabinet. Key access reports show how many times an office/property/vehicle/item was accessed, when and by whom.

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Warneford Consulting

A niche within a niche; how to thrive as a small estate management consultancy within the academy school sector

Tim Warneford, Managing Director of Warneford Consulting, has over the last two years, produced a series of 20 podcasts called ’Developing the Trust’, in which he interviews a broad range of academy experts to identify and share best practice across the academy sector.