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Jacksons Fencing was founded in 1947, initially in the supply of timber fencing to serve the farming community and public and from the mid 1980’s, steel demarcation and security fencing and gates for a diverse range of applications. Today, Jacksons are one of the leading and most experienced manufacturers and installers of perimeter security solutions to schools in the UK, completing projects for over 750 schools every year.

As a family owned and financially stable ISO9001 certified business, Jacksons have remained faithful to our founding principles; to design, manufacture and install the best possible products, backed by the best possible service and to put our Customers first in everything we do.

We employ a team of over 250 operating from our UK manufacturing and sales operations situated in Ashford (HQ), Bath and Chester. The R&D, design, manufacturing and contracting operations for our security products is based at our Ashford HQ.

It is our adherence to quality and confidence in our people, products and processes that allows us to offer class leading guarantees across our product portfolio including a 25 year Jakcure guarantee on our timber products against rot and insect attack, a 25 year Service Life guarantee on our steel fencing and gates and a 25 month parts and labour guarantee on automated access products and electronic intruder deterrent and detection solutions.

Protecting the Future

At a time when schools face both capacity pressures and severe budgetary constraints, it can be all too easy to let perimeter replacement or upgrading programmes slip – even though safety is often the primary concern of parents.

To gauge exactly how parents, teachers and those responsible for perimeter solutions view school security, we recently commissioned original research for a special report. Jacksons polled 1,000 parents (a nationally representative sample) and asked them about a range of issues around school security. These were joined by the views of more than 280 teachers (including nearly 50 heads) and 75 architects.

The report, ‘Protecting the Future’ contains a number of alarming findings, such as 27% of parents knowing of trespassers coming on to school property. It highlights uncomfortable failings in school security systems across the UK and uncovers a range of serious security challenges facing schools. It also provides key advice on how to strike a balance between high-quality and perimeter security, which ensures the safety of everyone on site, with creating an inviting base of learning that avoids a fortress-like environment. The final report is available to download here.

Complete Solutions Provider

Jacksons Fencing has been at the forefront of fencing manufacturing for over 70 years, providing schools and all other types of businesses with safe, secure and sustainable security solutions.

For nurseries, primary schools and other areas where there are young children, Playtime® Timber is a RoSPA-approved timber solution which offers a safe enclosure and protection against vandalism, dog-fouling and unwanted intrusion.

Jacksons also manufacture and supply a range of perimeter fencing solutions, designed to create clear and defined boundaries to secure a school, prevent unauthorised entry to grounds, deter theft and anti-social behaviour and protecting pupils, staff and visits from accident and injury. These include vertical bar fencing such as our Barbican® range and welded mesh fencing such as Euroguard®. In addition to this, Jacksons manufacture a variety of sports fencing and gate solutions, helping to keep children safe and secure as well as preventing balls breaching the boundary perimeter.

For schools where noise pollution is an issue, the Jakoustic® barrier systems are the perfect solution to reduce the impact of noise on classrooms. It has been specifically designed to deliver noise reduction, sustainability and security whilst also presenting a pleasant aesthetic. See how acoustic fencing helped this school reduce noise from its sports pitches.

Case Study: Northwood School

Northwood School is in Hillingdon, London. Jacksons Fencing was specified by Lizard Landscape Design to manufacture and install a range of perimeter security solutions.

Jacksons Barbican® Imperial, Euroguard®, Featherboard and Hit & Miss style fences and gates were supplied and installed at the school to cover both the external perimeter and inner compounds.

The boundary of the school was secured with Jacksons Barbican Imperial® fences and gates with finials to provide both the aesthetic and level of protection desired. On a different part of the Northwood site a solution was needed to prevent unauthorised access to the bottom of a fire escape. The company’s Euroguard® Flatform gates were installed to provide a visible deterrent while incorporating a push pad for emergency egress.

Within the campus, Jacksons’ Featherboard timber fencing was used to provide a clear boundary between the main school and service yard, protecting students, teachers and visitors from potential injury from delivery vehicles. Additionally, this provides another layer of protection to discourage potential criminals from trespassing.

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