It’s time to make your move

Monday 1–5 July 2019

To help improve the physical and mental health of public sector employees and to encourage more active lifestyles, CSSC Sports & Leisure and CS Employee Policy (CSEP) are launching our 2nd annual Active Wellbeing Week.

Designed to inspire, motivate, encourage, enthuse, excite, engage and energise colleagues across the country.

AWW will include a series of initiatives to help the thousands of public sector employees across the UK to be more active and make positive changes to their physical and mental wellbeing.

As part of a nationwide make a pledge campaign, individuals can make personal pledges on how they intend to be more active, both during the week and hopefully beyond.

We’ve got loads of fun and simple ideas online to help inspire and motivate colleagues to keep pledges going and get your office moving. There’ also loads of fantastic prizes to win!

Why is Active Wellbeing Week so important?

Helping our colleagues, friends and family live healthy, well balanced lives is more important than ever before.

The civil service alone loses 1.8 days per person/per year to mental ill health and a further 1 day per person for musculo-skeletal disorders, every year. With 15% of civil servants reporting their physical health reduces their daily activity, it’s no wonder we’re more anxious than ever before.

This backs up research from the mental health charity Mind, which says: 1 in 5 employees called in sick last year due to stress. And 14% had even resigned because of workplace stress.

Get involved

There are a number of ways that individuals, team leaders and management can get involved and inspire others during Active Wellbeing Week.

For full details and to make a pledge, visit

For more information on CSSC or to join, visit