Intelligent Video Solutions from Konica Minolta

Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) are perfect for creating a safe and secure environment for students and staff to learn and teach in schools, academies, colleges, and universities. As a market-leader in IVS, Konica Minolta’s solutions combine visual, thermal, sound, and sensor data to better protect any environment. With a reputation for being the most robust cameras in the industry, these highly durable, IoT-enabled devices deliver exceptional image quality and data analysis.

IVS enables a fully integrated approach to operating and managing video systems. It delivers alerts on people safety and the status of property 24/7, providing a full and detailed audit record as well as immediate notification of any potential issues as they happen, supporting schools through the optimum deployment of technology.

Konica Minolta’s IVS range is also ideal for additional automated services including checking occupancy numbers to safeguard people and monitoring for emergency situations such as a fire.

The true potential of Konica Minolta’s IVS is realised when combined with the latest high resolution, 3600 or thermal cameras. In doing so it is possible to create a system that effectively delivers all the protection benefits of having a full-time operator but without the limitations, such as the limited effective attention span of human operators, as well as the cost overheads.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Konica Minolta’s IVS systems have been developed with real world challenges in mind. Using a combination of decentralised networked hardware, software, and service products, this is a range of intelligent video solutions that is optimised for remote applications and cloud-based technology. In simple terms these solutions are computers with lenses, working intelligently and with their own processing and storage capacities.

With an ability to protect large areas with fewer cameras and without the need for complex or expensive control rooms, Konica Minolta’s easy-to-use solutions have low bandwidth requirements (which ease network pressure without compromising image quality) and feature embedded storage which ensures no footage or data is lost if there is a disruption to the Wi-Fi connection.

Key components of Konica Minolta’s IVS include:

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras: Heat mapping and thermal detection to check for abnormalities in the facility (such as a potential fire), along with potential intruders during night-time or low light conditions.
  • Access Control: Secure area protection and license plate recognition to ensure unauthorised individuals/vehicles are detected and an alert raised.
  • Image & Process Measurement: People counting to ensure safety and object counting to ensure equipment remains in place.
  • Safeguarding Cameras: Protection of people and sites to prevent vandalism and theft.

Konica Minolta’s Intelligent Video Solutions support schools through the optimum use of technology. This approach removes the burden of continuous human interaction, and can be quickly deployed, with hardware being shipped to site for installation by the school/college’s facilities and IT team. Installation and set-up can be done remotely (subject to network connection) or by our experts, giving students, staff, and the facilities the protection they need around the clock.

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