Indoor air quality monitoring for schools

Gemini Data Loggers Ltd

Improving indoor air quality and classroom working conditions is a necessity for schools and colleges. Tinytag data loggers are easy-to-use devices for monitoring and recording indoor air quality parameters such as carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and relative humidity.

The quality of air in schools has come under fresh scrutiny due to the airborne spread of Covid-19 in poorly ventilated classrooms.

However, the problem of poor indoor air quality in schools is one that goes beyond the coronavirus pandemic. Poor IAQ, as well as encouraging the spread of infections, has been linked to long-term health conditions including asthma, cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and inflammatory conditions.

Protecting children from both short- and long-term health conditions is both practical and achievable with an effective strategy for monitoring indoor air quality.

UK manufacturer Gemini Data Loggers brings the best in reliable, cost-effective solutions to indoor air quality monitoring. The company has manufactured and designed the Tinytag range of data loggers for environmental monitoring for over 35 years, and is accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and environmental standards.

Using Tinytag data loggers to measure and record carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity, schools and colleges can collect and assess actionable data on indoor air quality and occupant comfort inside classrooms, offices and shared spaces.

The Tinytag CO2 data logger is a practical device for monitoring and recording classroom ventilation rates. Using a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor, the Tinytag CO2 data logger measures the volume of CO2 in the air to an accuracy of +/- 50ppm. As well as recording long-term data on CO2 levels, the data logger has an LED alarm that can be programmed by the user to alert when CO2 levels breach acceptable limits, enabling pupils and staff to increase ventilation rates when needed.

Tinytag temperature and relative humidity data loggers can be used alongside CO2 data loggers to evaluate occupant comfort levels. Monitoring ambient conditions is especially important in areas where ventilation has increased, as ventilating can cool and dry out the air, leading to discomfort as well as energy loss. The data loggers are portable and available with different features depending on the requirements.

At the end of the monitoring period, data is downloaded and viewed in Tinytag data logging software. CO2, temperature and humidity data can be directly compared to assess what effect ventilation has on ambient conditions.

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