Hospitality Store

Established in 2008, Hospitality Store Limited (HOST) are a leading provider of catering solutions to the Hospitality Sector. We have further developed existing solutions to meet the meal and snack service needs of the education sector. The challenges we address are:

  • Quality Meal Service Counters and trolleys with high quality and low price.
  • New government directives breakfast clubs.
  • Space constraints and the increasing number of pupils.
  • Creating a welcoming environment for pupils and staff.


Our modular service solutions can either be used as fixed deployments or can quickly put out or put away when not required. This gives you maximum flexibility and enables you to have dual use of existing space for example convert existing space to dining or break space by using modular trolleys. The possibilities are endless, here are two solutions you may consider:

Breakfast Clubs

The government say: 

“It is important for pupils to start the day with a nutritious breakfast. Evidence shows that providing a healthy school breakfast at the start of the school day can contribute to improved readiness to learn, increased concentration, and improved wellbeing and behaviour.”

Government is providing funding. 

“All participating schools receive a 75% subsidy for the food and delivery costs of breakfast club provision until the end of July 2025. Schools will contribute 25% of costs. All pupils in participating schools are to be offered breakfast supplies at no cost to them or their parents.”

Conference catering

As facilities offer more in the way of conference services, there is a need to offer refreshments at scale and in a professional way. Modular trolleys enable you to rapidly deploy and put away restaurant / break buffet solutions.


Our company prides its success on core principles:


The modular nature of our solutions means endless possibilities. Modularity also drives cost down through repeatable manufacturing processes, especially when compared to custom made solutions. These solutions have been in the market for many years enabling us to offer superb quality. We deliver value by understanding your needs, consulting on design and usage, providing full graphical proposals. 

Service and a passion for excellence

Customer service is at the heart of our Company's culture. Every one of our highly trained staff is passionate about delivering service and reliability. We task them to offer helpful advice and unrivalled support.