Helping Schools and Higher Education Establishments with Safety and Compliance

At Lucion, we take our role as risk management and safety specialists very seriously, with decades of experience in the Education Sector. We partner with clients throughout the UK, providing asbestos management and ongoing compliance.

We live in a world where asbestos exposure in schools and higher education facilities is a real danger, with the possibility of harmful airborne asbestos fibres being present in educational buildings and classrooms risking the safety of staff and pupils alike.

This can lead to damaging health effects and in severe cases, leading to fatal illnesses such as mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos. Sadly, 2,400 people die from Mesothelioma each year in the UK alone. The number of teachers (22 teachers died in the UK last year) dying from mesothelioma is increasing and the risk posed to children in schools is currently unknown.

Thousands of schools built between the 1950s and 1985  are particularly at risk, before the UK outlawed the import and use of some types of asbestos used in building materials and products, it was used extensively in the construction of schools during this period.

The range of construction ages and types in this sector is vast, not to mention the various different types of CLASP buildings still occupied and used today. This makes it vitally important that experts in asbestos consultancy, such as Lucion, with an extensive range of specialist building knowledge within this sector, are engaged to accurately assess the risk within each premise individually depending upon the ages and build type.

Lucion has worked with over 60 individual local authorities in the last 2 years, independent schools and higher education facilities, who have seen the benefits of the innovative technology that Lucion provides to manage the risk of asbestos. This enables Lucion’s clients to take the next step in managing the risk of asbestos safely within their estates, moving beyond compliance to best practice.

Utilising the advanced technology unique to Lucion, working practices that our clients typically require in this sector, the flexibility to work outside normal working hours and the ability to respond efficiently to emergency situations makes us the perfect partner in your journey to a safer environment for your staff and pupils .

In addition, to safeguard those who use your properties, everyone that works for Lucion is DBS checked every 2 years, in smart liveried uniforms and vehicles and wearing photographic ID cards that make no direct reference to asbestos, to minimise any alarm this may cause.
If you would like to talk to one of our team about how our services could help you and your organisation, or if you just want to learn more about managing asbestos in your Schools or Higher Education Facilities, please contact us today.

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