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Enhance your surroundings with Award Winning Hedera Screens Ltd (HSL) exceptional range of living green screens, outdoor living walls, acoustic walling, sedum roofs, soil stabilisation and floral matting. Nationwide approved supplier and installer of urban green solutions, providing a 360° service of design support and installation, delivering stunning creations, with optional soft landscaping, irrigation and aftercare maintenance. Proud to be the senior installation partner of all Mobilane products.

A family business since 2007, we work closely with our diversity of clients in order to meet their exact requirements. We pride ourselves on a friendly working environment, low staff turnover and careful management of projects. A strong team ethic, methodical approach to our work and a sense of satisfaction are core to the company’s exceptional track record of consistent delivery on time and to a budget. Hedera Screens has become renowned for their unique products range and outstanding services.

With a fully qualified team, appropriate resources infrastructure and industry recognised accreditations, and recently acquiring the Construction and Engineering award for Best Urban Green products supply and installation for the UK. HSL can undertake both large commercial projects and small residential projects, providing supply and delivery only, if required.

The Living Green Screen – Scientifically proven to filter harmful pollutants!

Our most popular product is the Living Green Screen. These are available in Ivy, Beech, Hornbeam, Pyracantha Darts Red & Euonymus Dart’s Blankets. We also offer Variegated Goldchild and Green Ripple.

The screens are planted and pre-grown on a 5mm galvanised steel frame and come fully established, creating a secure and attractive evergreen or deciduous hedging.

There are various methods of installation with a solution available for most projects. The screens can be installed on timber or powder coated steel posts directly into the ground, raised sleeper beds, planted into GRP, timber, aluminium or powder coated steel planter boxes or fixed to an existing structure using our stainless-steel cabling system.

An increasingly popular design is the green screen installation in planter boxes. They offer a flexible and instantly stylish way to maximise space by creating a partition, protection from the effects of pollution, draughts, and instant privacy screening. Available in a choice of finishes including GRP, timber, aluminium or powder coated steel, planter boxes are the perfect choice for roof terraces, patios, outdoor dining areas, swimming/spa pool areas and the perimeter of school playgrounds.

Included in the installation costs are all materials, compost to improve planting ground conditions and slow release granular fertilizer and labour. The result is an instant, sustainable and beautifully well-established secure hedge that reduces air pollution, whilst promoting biodiversity.

Recent projects - Green My School #greenmyschool

Thousands of children up and down the country are being exposed to poor air quality that risk causing lifelong health problems both inside and outside the classroom.

A study, commissioned by the mayor of London, showed in London alone there are over 800 schools, nurseries, and colleges being exposed to illegal levels of air pollution. The EU legal limit for nitrogen dioxide pollution levels is 40µg/m3 (40 micrograms per cubic metre of air) and some schools have NO2 readings as high as 73.

There is no more important outdoor environment to protect from the dangerous toxins of traffic pollution than in and beyond the school perimeter. This isn’t limited to inner London schools; the damaging effects of pollution are countrywide.

Ongoing research shows that the Living Green Screens, superior in plant density and construction than other greening options, help remove PM10 particle pollution – in some sample locations up to 60% of the particles were “cleansed” from the air behind the screens. The research continues to further validate these initial findings, but increasingly, the installation of Living Green Screens offers not only a secure and natural screening barrier for schools’ perimeters, but a valuable screening option to reduce the hard effects of urban pollution from our schools and communities.

For several years we have been helping some of the most polluted schools across London and the UK by working tirelessly to supply and install 100’s of metres of Living Green Screens as the first line of defence in the battle to improve air quality across the UK. The demand has been significant in 2019 and constantly increase as more organisations become aware of the benefits of installing living green screens.

With greater emphasis on the reduction of carbon emissions and the carbon footprint, Hedera Screens is an experienced, accredited and trusted greening partner.

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