Get Set 4 PE

Get Set 4 PE was founded by Kathryn Whittall and Natalie Richardson who began their teaching journeys at the University of Birmingham. Since graduating in 2007, their wealth of knowledge and experience has come from working closely with primary school leaders nationally and internationally, helping schools to develop and implement an outstanding PE curriculum. Headteachers have relied on their expertise to advise them on the key aspects of developing a tailored curriculum that works to raise standards both in their school setting and the wider community.

Get Set 4 PE is the digital primary PE platform developed to connect teachers and pupils to high quality PE. The team at Get Set 4 PE has a very clear vision, to provide everything for PE all in one place and to focus on the teacher so that the teacher can focus on what matters most, their pupils. This vision is clear to see when navigating around the platform and is visible in all of the content and tools that are included in a subscription. Every part of the platform is simple and easy to use whilst maintaining an incredibly high standard of content and aesthetic.

Teachers who are part of the Get Set 4 PE family no longer have to spend their already limited time planning as the Get Set 4 PE platform provides access to progressive lesson plans and schemes of work for pupils in EYFS, KS1 and KS2. The platform, which can be used on any device including laptops and tablets, is full of fun and engaging content across a broad range of activities from traditional games such as netball and athletics to alternative activities such as yoga and outdoor adventures. True to form, the lesson plans are easily delivered with all of the necessary resources attached such as music for dance and videos for gymnastics.

The lesson plans focus not only on physical development but also the social, emotional and cognitive wellbeing of the child and users can see these objectives linked to each of the lesson plans. This whole child approach has been warmly welcomed by Headteachers and SLT, who are all well aware of the social issues this generation is currently facing.

Attending to the needs of all pupils is made easy, with clearly explained differentiation tasks throughout, giving children a real sense of achievement and progress. It is clear that the founders have spent extensive time in the teaching environment with their expertise in lesson design, subject knowledge and pupil development at the forefront, ensuring that teachers are inspired by fresh ideas and even the least confident practitioners feel empowered to teach high quality PE lessons.

Teachers are also able to access all of the resources that they need to support learning, whether that be videos, music or independent learning cards as well as useful documents with top tips and guidelines to support their delivery in the ‘activity area’ resource bank.

In addition to lesson content, schools are able to find a number of other functions on the platform including assessment. The assessment tool allows teachers to upload their class lists and record progress throughout the unit of work on a pupil profile page. This is in the form of notes, photos or videos, or at the end of each unit, with a symbol indicating whether each pupil is working towards, within or beyond an expected set of criteria that can be easily recorded on the class assessment table. This area is the perfect way to measure the impact of a schools PE curriculum without overloading teachers.

With the latest Ofsted Inspection Framework having been released in September 2019, Get Set 4 PE has clearly worked very hard to enable schools to cover all aspects of the intent, implementation and impact of their PE curriculum.

PE leads and classroom teachers can map out their curriculum design for the academic year using the curriculum mapping tool, and via the ‘PE leads’ resource area, schools can access auditing questions, staff and pupil voice questionnaires and an example PE vision to help them gain clarity on their school’s curriculum intent.

In the ‘Reporting’ area of the platform, schools can use their assessment data as well as information regarding pupil attendance at clubs and representation at school competition. This helps schools to evidence, monitor and guide the decisions they make about future curriculum design and extra curricular provision, that will help to further impact on their pupils.

The Government Childhood Obesity Plan has set out the ambition for all children to complete 60 minutes of physical activity every day with 30 minutes at school and 30 minutes at home, and the ‘active’ area of the Get Set 4 PE resource bank helps schools to help pupils to achieve this. Schools are able to access resources to help with ‘Active Lunchtimes’ as well ideas to send home to increase family participation in physical activities. Engaging with the school’s wider community is fundamental to the impact Get Set 4 PE will have on our future generations.

The Get Set 4 PE team really have thought of everything and with the materials continuously being developed and accessible in real time at no additional cost, it makes the platform the perfect place to access everything you need for primary PE.

Schools are invited to trial the platform on a free, three week trial, where teachers can access all areas of the platform and try out the fabulous content for themselves.