Fujitsu Scanning solutions - Supporting administration & enabling the learning experience in these challenging times.

As the education spectrum adapts to the changes brought about by the impact of Covid-19, more and more are discovering the benefits of utilising dedicated scanning devices as a way to aid the seamless provision of the curriculum and to help with administrative processes including back-file conversion. Digital processes are helping with engagement between all parties as well as serving as a way to share material via systems between pupils, teachers, parents or even isolated family members.

Scanning documents and course material through OCR (optical character recognition), can make the scanned information easily searchable, retrievable and editable, saving time and improving productivity. Once digitised, the information can be organised and stored for anyone to access anytime and from anywhere. Finally, with the reality of data privacy, documents can be easily tracked, with a clear audit path, so you know who has access, where, how and why the information is stored with visible retention periods.

The increased use of technology can play a critical part in enabling the younger generation to become better skilled and equipped to cope with the ever-changing working landscape that they’ll face in future life. Equally technology driven teaching methods and utilised efficiently to share and develop the curriculum can lead to more engaged pupils, staff and parents alike helping to bridge the gap between expectations across the spectrum.

Capturing Evidence of Progress
An important benefit of embracing digital is discovering how technology can help early learners develop confidence in their abilities and recognise the progress that they have made. Fujitsu scanners can help in this regard by helping to capture a pupil’s work throughout the term so that children, teachers and parents can see how work has evolved and improved as well as providing a discussion point amongst other pupils. Providing digital files at the end of term instead, or as a supplement to, the actual artwork is also convenient for parents.

Fujitsu recommends the following devices for the education sector.

ScanSnap iX100 Wireless Mobile Scanner
The ScanSnap iX100 is a mobile battery powered scanner, which can scan a range of documents from business cards to A4 size paper. The document can then be either stored locally, or sent to an email address, cloud account or smart device. The scanner can send the scan via wi-fi to a laptop, where the bundled OCR software can convert scanned data to an editable, searchable document for easier retrieval at a later date.

ScanSnap iX1500 Wireless Desktop Scanner
The ScanSnap iX1500 is the flagship model of the ScanSnap Series for intuitive automated scanning of a range of material, the in-built touch screen with the ability to create multiple scan profiles makes operation a breeze for staff members, home users or other members of a household, it really is the smarter way to work. Capable of digitising large volumes of papers quickly and intuitively. Scan double sided documents from business card to A4 and automatically have blank pages removed, material cropped to exact size and any skew removed. Automatically send to email, cloud services, folders or smart devices.

Fujitsu fi-800R Scanner
Designed for scanning smaller items such as identification and permission slips through its return path the fi-800R has advanced scanning features and offers ease of integration. Additionally with its compact nature that is perfect for environments where space is tight the fi-800R also has a standard ADF for the scanning of everyday documents and correspondence.

ScanSnap SV600 Image Scanner
The ScanSnap SV600 breaks free from typical flatbed limitations by scanning content such as books, bound material, artwork and even material with a depth of 3D. Simply and intuitively digitise everyday items and seamlessly share between relevant parties.

Fujitsu fi-7160 Scanner
Ideal for the conversion of large volumes of material the fi-7160 is perfect for the adoption of paper-lite processes and the benefits associated thereof. Covid-19 has highlighted the pitfalls associated when necessary documents are stored in paper format at a school that has limited access or at on off-site facility. By converting student records, parental permissions, invoices and general correspondence they can be accessed instantly where-ever anyone is, aids compliance and privacy regulations as well as helping to maintain a functioning Accounts Payable department and allaying critical cash-flow concerns.

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