Fireco has been making compliance easy for 25 years. We manufacture wireless fire door closers and retainers, notification systems, disability aids and hygiene equipment, all designed to provide simple solutions to a range of needs: fire safety, compliance, access, ventilation and hygiene.

In 2020, Fireco celebrated selling one million Dorgards, whilst Freedor SmartSound has continued to be specified in major door replacement programmes to tackle the issue of people disengaging door closers due to the weight. Digital Messaging Service (DMS) has increasingly become the preferred choice of mass notification, installed in many universities and civic buildings to assist with evacuation.

Dorgard SmartSound - A safe and legal solution to wedged open fire doors

Dorgard SmartSound keeps your fire doors open legally, and allows them to automatically close when the fire alarm sounds. SmartSound listening technology means Dorgard SmartSound can distinguish between your fire alarm and common background noises, such as vacuum cleaners.

Advantages of Dorgard SmartSound:

  • Suitable for high risk zones, including corridors, kitchens and stairwells
  • Reduces the need to touch door handles
  • Controlled by Transmitter, not affected by background noise
  • Assists with germ control by providing ventilation

Dorgard SmartSound is easily installed, attaching to the door with 4 screws. Every Dorgard is supplied with a fitting template, containing instructions on how to fit it to the door. It can be attached to most internal doors, even glass, up to power size 7.

Dorgard SmartSound also has a number of features you can customise to your environment and is supplied with a 3-year warranty.

Fireco recognises that multiple solutions are required to make a building fire-safe, so to help bind the integrations with multiple manufacturers across the Fire industry, they have started a Fire Industry Manufacturers Alliance (FIMA). FIMA helps customers to find a unified total solution consisting of multiple product brands and makes sure integrations are kept current without versions lapsing.

Throughout the pandemic Fireco has expanded their work with other companies in the industry, hosting weekly guest webinars, many of which are CPD certified. The webinar series has been a huge success, producing thought-provoking analysis of fire safety issues and forum for discussions and networking. You can visit the Fireco website to attend future webinars and access the archives.

Fireco’s operations are in alignment with International Standard ISO 9001:2015. All products meet relevant British and European fire safety standards and have primary test evidence with multiple fire door manufacturers.