Established in 1979 by MD Derek Ward, the Envirograf® brand quickly evolved to become a leading force in passive fire products. Having developed fire retardant and fire stopping products for numerous scenarios, the company’s reputation as an innovator and developer is widely recognised with many products unique to Envirograf®.  

As the need for eco-friendly, cost-effective building methods becomes ever greater, Mr Ward has established a sister company – Enviro Eco Wall Panels - to manufacture one of his latest innovations, a pre-engineered, insulated, load bearing panel system designed to form a fireproof building envelope.  A modern method of construction that is perfect for new build houses, bungalows, industrial projects and temporary accommodation units.  

This unique system combines structure and insulation into one prefabricated, thermally efficient component.  Not only are EnviroEcoWall Panels protected from fire by Envirograf’s intumescent coatings, the buildings are also designed to cope with flooding as they are constructed on a unique metal sub-frame that can carry the structure from 150mm to any height off the ground and, should circumstances dictate at a later date, can be raised to a new level in 300mm intervals.  In addition to protecting the building and its contents from flooding, this system also negates the need for the large concrete slabs that are required for other building methods and enables us to install fully insulated floor panels, helping to further increase the building’s thermal efficiency.

The system further suits today’s requirements as the strict quality control during the off-site fabrication process ensures dimensional accuracy, helps to significantly reduce build time and minimises waste on site. Additionally, building with this system does not require the significant amount of water consumption associated with more traditional construction methods.

Using the same high-spec system, Enviro Eco Wall have a range of buildings designed to provide teaching spaces for schools and colleges.  The size and internal layout of the buildings can be adjusted to suit class numbers and activity requirements.  All classroom buildings have disabled access, and the standard designs include a separate office plus a room for storing materials and equipment.

Thanks to the flexibility of the panel system, the company has recently introduced a range of buildings to supply the student accommodation market.  Each self-contained module has bespoke furniture to maximise space utilisation and provides living and study space for up to four students, complete with storage, sinks, shower and W.C.

As the effects of global warming become increasingly evident, the need for eco-friendly, cost-effective building methods has never been greater, and our unique panel system combines structure and insulation into one prefabricated, thermally efficient component.

Literally, at the very core of each EnviroEcoWall panel is our non-combustible insulation slab - a durable and stable high-density material that provides excellent fire protection and, thanks to its tightly woven fibres that help to reduce the transfer of heat and sound, great acoustic properties and outstanding thermal performance.

Our development testing showed that, should a fire occur in one room, the amazing fire-resistant properties of  EnviroEcoWall panels are able to contain the fire, stop the spread to other rooms and eventually force the fire to extinguish itself.  This successful fire limitation and the absence of water damage, repair and renovation is quick, easy and, therefore, much more economical.  

Once the burnt furnishings were cleared, the electrical fittings and top plasterboard coverings removed and quickly replaced.  Our intumescent protection meant that new sections of cable can simply be pulled through and connected to new fittings.  Any damage to glazing was rectified before final decoration and speedy re-occupation within just a few hours – and not even the smell of burning remains.

The panels have been extensively tested to evaluate their performance in insulating against the transmission of heat and sound.  Air leakage associated with traditional construction and timber frame is virtually eliminated when using EnviroEcoWall Panels thanks to the large format nature of the panels and the resulting small number of joints in the structure.  These highly energy-efficient buildings have minimal need for heating which can mean lower energy bills.  

Our Eco Buildings have fully insulated floors and are constructed on a purpose-built steel sub frame that helps to protect the superstructure and building contents from damage caused by flooding.  

EnviroEcoWall panels are fabricated using timber from sustainable sources.  They use less timber than standard timber framing and are one of the most economical and eco-friendly forms of construction.  Their high insulation and airtightness reduce the major sources of building energy use.