Empowering the Future of Education with Jigsaw24

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the role of technology has become indispensable in shaping a brighter future for our students. As educators, it is essential to adapt and embrace innovative solutions that enhance the learning experience while preparing our learners for the challenges of tomorrow.

Who are Jigsaw24?

Jigsaw 24 are a leading technology solutions provider that have been empowering educational institutions for over 30 years. With an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services, we are a trusted partner for educators, administrators, and IT professionals alike. Our vision is to enable communities to get the best experiences from integrating technology.  

Our approach is centred around understanding the unique needs of each educational organisation, establishing partnerships with education communities that create value beyond the device itself.  We support primary and secondary schools, college and universities and provide the best end to end solutions, that support teaching and learning. Through a comprehensive range of products and services, we create tailored solutions that drive innovation, improve learning outcomes, and simplify the integration of technology into the curriculum.

Implementing technology in an educational setting can be daunting, but Jigsaw24 ensures a seamless integration process. Our support doesn't end with installation, we provide ongoing assistance and training to empower educators, equipping them with the skills needed to harness the full potential of the solutions.

As a dedicated school’s partner, we specialise in supporting educational institutions on their path to digital excellence. We understand the challenges facing educational leaders and provide support and guidance that help lead innovation with vision and long-term planning that help educators make informed decisions.  Whether it’s choosing the right devices or implementing collaborative solutions, our experienced team can provide valuable advice and experience. We understand the budget constraints faced by many institutions and take a holistic approach to financial planning, recommending solutions that align with long-term objectives while remaining cost-effective.

We are an Apple Authorised reseller (AAES). Apple in education empowers students and educators with a seamless integration of technology into the learning process. Apple's intuitive devices, educational apps, and ecosystem foster creativity, collaboration, and personalized learning. With robust security and management features, Apple ensures a safe and efficient educational experience for all

We are also a Microsoft Partner and authorised MS Global Training Partner. From Microsoft 365's familiar applications to Teams for seamless virtual learning, Microsoft empowers educators and students with innovative solutions. Scalable and secure, Microsoft supports diverse learning environments, making education more dynamic and impactful.

Additional we hold Google Education partner status. Google in education is a user-friendly, cloud-based solution that facilitates collaborative learning. Google Education workspace offers a range of tools like Google Classroom, Docs, and Drive, promoting communication and creativity among students and educators. With seamless accessibility, Google empowers institutions to embrace modern education practices.

Jigsaw24 strongly believe in digital inclusion and strives to make technology accessible to all students and educators. Our solutions are designed to cater to diverse learning needs, ensuring that no one is left behind in the digital transformation of education.

Professional Development

At Jigsaw24, our talented team of educators are also committed to excellence in shaping the technology revolution in Education. Comprised of Apple Professional Learning Specialists, Adobe Educators, Google Innovators, and Microsoft Innovation Educators, we offer outstanding professional development that stands at the forefront of up-to-date and current research. Our continuous bespoke professional development programs are meticulously designed to support schools and teachers on their digital journey, ensuring that education remains innovative, relevant, and aligned with the latest advancements in the field. With Jigsaw24, you're not just embracing technology; you're partnering with a dedicated team leading the way in educational transformation.

Our team has extensive experience in guiding schools in their unique journeys, and we've even become involved with specialised programs like Apple Distinguished School (ADS) and transforming into an Apple regional training centre. We focus on enhancing teachers' skills, to support them in their journey to become an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE). Additionally, we offer tailored CPD packages that align with each school's personal digital journey.


We work closely with schools to enhance sustainability by promoting paperless workflows, recycling initiatives, energy-efficient asset management, and remote collaboration tools. By partnering with companies like Apple, Microsoft and Adobe that prioritise environmental responsibility, and offering services such as Recycling and Trade-In, we're driving the push towards greener educational environments. Our dedication to sustainable practices not only reduces waste but also aligns with the growing global consciousness of environmental challenges, thereby creating a positive image for the schools we work with.

By partnering with Jigsaw24 schools can unlock the full potential of technology and create a generation of confident, competent, and compassionate individuals ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.