Elevate Learning Outcomes

How SMART are empowering educators to inspire greatness

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1. Encouraging students to connect
Social Emotional Learning
Students must develop soft skills to succeed in our connected world. With SMART solutions, it’s easy for everyone to contribute and collaborate.

2. Reaching every learner
Cognitive Skills & Achievement
Teachers need to easily shift their approaches to match students’ individual learning needs. SMART solutions make interactive lessons simple and quick.

3. Making learning personal
Realising Potential
Students succeed when they’re given the freedom to learn their own way and at their own pace. SMART solutions support student-centered learning


Turn static content into interactive lessons
Used by over 60 million teachers and students around the world

SMART Learning Suite combines lesson delivery, collaborative workspaces, game-based activities and formative assessment in one ultimate education suite. Teachers can access the suite anytime, from any computer – including at home – and send lessons to student devices.

  • Interactive lessons
    Teachers can quickly and easily create dynamic, interactive lessons and deliver them at the display.
  • Collaborative workspaces
    Students can use any device to explore topics, gather content and co-create on an inspiring canvas.
  • Game-based activities
    Teachers can use customized templates to create game-based activities that engage students.
  • Formative assessment
    Teachers can instantly assess student understanding by creating a question set that learners answer on any device.

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SMART’s latest research identifies 22 EdTech capabilities that impact schools’ teaching and learning outcomes, such as test scores, teacher satisfaction and student career readiness.
High-outcomes schools were more likely to use software that enables assessment, game-based learning and student collaboration. Learn more HERE

SMART is a world leader in technology for education. Over 30 years of innovation has culminated in interactive displays and software that connect students, lesson content and devices into unified learning experiences. We elevate learning outcomes with intuitive technology that is purpose built for education.

SMART act on their commitment to technology-driven learning outcomes through:

  • Performing hundreds of hours of design research with teachers and students every year
  • Designing and manufacturing solutions specifically for education
  • Supporting a global network of over 2,000 teachers
  • Partnering with schools to create and carry out needs-based implementation plans
  • Focusing all training and professional learning on instructional practices and how teachers can extend them with technology
  • Engaging in research into EdTech best practices
  • Documenting the measurable results of schools driving outcomes with technology

Schools are more likely to achieve 342% outstanding success when using teaching best practices and technology frequently*
Teaching, Technology and Learning: Understanding the Interconnection. Filigree Research, 2016.

Whatever learning outcomes you need to achieve – test scores, SEL, career readiness and teacher satisfaction – SMART are committed to helping you get there.