The easy, green way to ‘do up’ your school

With spring in the air and the promise of summer holidays around the corner, thoughts turn to the outside of our schools, and how improvements can be made to welcome pupils back and complete that ‘do up’ list during their time away.

September will soon arrive which means a start of another academic year. For schools hoping to make summer improvements to facilities, time is running out...

However, certain elements can still be transformed before the first day of school, including the playground. School children spend almost half of their day on the playground, including dinner time, break time and some PE and games sessions. When it comes to playground design, modern playgrounds should have something for every child from hopscotch to dens and treehouses.

Here are some design tips for any public or private school, nursery or day care centre trying to improve its outdoor play spaces.

Focus on Accessibility

You need to ensure that as much of the playground as possible is accessible and suitable for all children. Is the apparatus suitable for children with learning difficulties or disabilities, and if not can you provide another play element which is? Pathways should be smooth and as flat as possible for pushchairs and wheelchairs, and ideally there should be no steps or ramps provided where they are necessary. When designing a playground it’s important that you don’t make any users feel isolated.

Creative Paving

Children can find the element of fun in anything, so the latest state-of-the-art play equipment and apparatus is not always needed. Instead of covering the playground in tarmac or asphalt, which is dull, why not brighten up the schoolyard with bright paving? Resin bound paving can be used to create bespoke school paving designs which create an impact. From bright patterns to learning techniques including numbers and the alphabet, anything is possible. The design options are endless, so whether you want to emphasise the school slogan or create a colourful maze, it can be easily achieved with resin bound paving.

Sensory Gardens

Does your playground have any sensory play opportunities? Play time can also cross over with learning, and by incorporating sensory elements, children can play in an alternative way. If they’re too tired to run around playing games, they can explore the world around them in the sensory garden. Paths and archways could lead to bug hotels, bird tables, mirrors, treehouses and water play. You could also install a canopy for when it rains during playtime.

“What makes SureSet unique is its ability to combine outstanding creative paving that is visually stunning, practical with all the key sustainability benefits”.

Whether it’s a new pathway in a sensory communal garden or replacing an old play area, resin bound permeable paving is an ideal solution for areas of any size, the inherent flexibility of permeable resin bound paving allows you to incorporate striking, intricate designs into any surface. It is environmentally friendly, quick to install, involves little mess, is very low maintenance and be sure to find a company offering a full 21 year guarantee!

All the more reason to consider SureSet Permeable Resin Bound Paving solutions for school grounds!...

  • Its fully permeable
    The permeability significantly reduces water runoff by quickly, and efficiently returning it to the natural water table. The minute voids created during the laying process imitate natural drainage, allowing water to pass straight through, this makes it compliant with SuDS.
  • No loose stone
    Delivers a beautifully smooth, accessible surface, ideal for pushchairs, bicycles and wheelchairs.  There is no loose stone to migrate to other areas, making it foot friendly and ideal for adjoining lawned areas.
  • Its low maintenance
    Requires periodic sweeping and occasional power washing to keep it looking as good as new. The technology used minimises the amount of voids for weeds to grow through.
  • Is available in a huge choice of colours
    Made in the UK from natural aggregate, marble or recycled glass makes it available in a wide range of colours to either complement or contrast adjacent surfaces.
  • A 21 year guarantee
    When installed by a SureSet Approved Installer you have the assurance of an unrivalled 21 year guarantee (against loose stone; cracking; oil damage; UV degradation; colour change and frost damage).

A convenient way to upgrade an existing school courtyard or university pathway because it can be laid over existing surfaces, such as asphalt or concrete.

SureSet’s skilled Approved Installers work with respect to both the school and any neighbouring properties. The results are visually stunning! This is what one of SureSet’s school clients had to say:

“Your men are a credit to you, the work was finished to the highest of standards and the quality of the surface is first class”
Halley Primary School.

You can request samples or more information online or by contacting us today.