Dunham-Bush have redesigned the LST radiator, adding the new System LST to our extensive range of heating products.

This new design incorporates the same excellent build quality and durability of our original LST range and also featuring;

  • New fast and easy to fit design
  • Screwless pencil proof grilles
  • Easy to clean
  • Secure accessible casings
  • Non-handed TRV's
  • Choice of emitter
  • BSRIA tested to BS EN 422 outputs and touch temperatures
  • NHS 43C compliant
  • Huge selection of colour finishes

System LST are designed to provide comfortable heating in applications where safety is paramount. The heat emitter is totally enclosed within the L.S.T. casing, which has inlet and outlet grilles, designed to exclude "small hands".

The mainly convective heat output promotes good room air circulation and ensures "cool casing touch temperatures" , which conform to the N.H.S. Estates Health guidance note "safe hot water and surface temperatures".

System LST radiators are offered in a comprehensive range of sizes. There are four casing styles (A, B, C and D), three casing types (90mm deep, 150mm deep and 260mm deep).

Each LST radiator can be supplied thermostatic radiator valve and lock shield valves, supplied loose for connection onto flow/return of the emitter; available for use control or tamperproof options.

The Smart-Vector range of fresh air fan convectors offer further innovative options to the client, ensuring recommended indoor air qualities (IAQ) are achieved when project budgets are limited or building layout is restrictive. Smart-Vector provide demand-led tempered fresh air and heating using a stand-alone controller with local setpoint adjustment. In larger classrooms, it is recommended that two units operating together as a master and slave be installed in the space to encourage good distribution of air and low noise levels.

There are five models in the Smart-Vector range: floor standing front outlet model SV19; floor standing top outlet model SV88; high wall model SV53; ceiling mounted SV80 and a floor standing ducted tall cabinet front outlet model SV22.

With nominal outputs ranging from 1.4kW to 14.6kW, comfortable conditions in the space are achieved by good air circulation. As the air turnover rate through the unit varies with a variable air volume (VAV) control function, it is recommended that the units are selected to give an air turnover rate of four air changes per hour at design duty.

Smart-Vector stand-alone and master units are supplied with a wall mounted digital controller with integral CO2 and air temperature sensors. The controller provides modulating outputs to control the fan, damper and control valve, enabling minimum use of energy, low noise level and low CO2 levels, whilst achieving the desired ambient temperature. In addition, the controller can be integrated into a Modbus or BACnet BMS.

Each unit is complete with a frost protection thermostat and spring return actuator, 2 or 4-port valve and actuator, energy efficient EC (brushless DC) motor. Maximum fan speed is infinitely adjustable so as to attain the necessary air flow without excessive noise on each unit. Stand-alone and master units also have low temperature cut-out (LTC) thermostats to initiate temperature set-back during unoccupied periods.

The Smart-Vent controller is used in conjunction with the Smart-Vector controllers and allows Building Managers to enable free cooling. Smart-Vent is specifically designed for projects that require up to 32 rooms to be controlled independently, where a dedicated BMS system is not being installed.