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Store, Sync and Share files for better collaboration. Audit history and permissions for secure access.

Government bodies need to move fast to a modernised approach for collaborating. For too long email has been the common method of collaboration but has proven to be insecure and difficult to manage and control. Large files, many recipients and disjointed messages create chaos. Through the use of a cloud-based solution for rapid and seamless adoption, Delladene CloudStore allows our customers to share, store and synchronise their work for better collaboration and security. Delladene is a cloud software supplier for the Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 10 framework. Public sector bodies can now easily select Delladene CloudStore as a G-Cloud solution, allowing them to try the solution before deciding if it is right for them.

Delladene CloudStore, provides a secure document management platform delivered over the internet. CloudStore is unique in its design, it employs an architecture to support multi user organisations, not just point to point communication. At the heart of CloudStore is a secure document repository, this allows documents to be organised by case, job, project, department or teams. Surrounding the repository is an extensive permissions model, controlled through user and group access. Permissions go beyond simple edit or read, CloudStore uniquely allows document owners to control who can view, print, edit, delete, download, share, lock and unlock documents. Document collaborators can provide special share links for temporary access to outside contributors without giving personal access or using a client license. CloudStore even provides an inbox for suppliers or partners to upload documents into their secure collaboration cabinet, via an encrypted web link.
CloudStore integrates with email to allow notifications relating to document sharing to be passed. Using our unique web technology, you only need a web browser to access documents and files. An audit function provides a historic record of who did what and when.

CloudStore also provides advanced features such as document workflows, intelligent search, Webdav, scanner integration and a full API for advanced integration.

CloudStore helps solve the following problems for government bodies: ​

Project collaboration without the aggravation of rigid project management
Our secure solution enables you to collaborate on project related files across small or extended remote teams. File version control is  maintained so everyone is on the same page.

Keep control, who can do what
Strong permissions model allows for teams to retain control of who gets to not only view, but edit, download, print or even share documents.

Trust but verify
A full audit log allows you to check who accessed what and when, including view confirmation information. ​

Quick safe share
Ever wished you could quickly and easily share single file or folder with someone, without calling IT? Quick-share capability allows you to provide a secure share. With quick-share you can control how many times someone can view, edit or download, all with the push of a button. ​

Safe upload
If you have ever asked someone to send you a document that contains personal or private information, email is not a secure way to transmit this type of information. CloudStore allows you to host your own secure inbox, so secure documents do not fly through insecure emails.

Back-up your data
Worried about losing your data? CloudStore agent can synchronise files and folders to a secure storage area. Remote access is controlled through security for retrieval if you have a disk failure.

Link your scanner
Want to reduce your carbon impact by reducing paper? Simply scan your documents on your office scanner/copier and watch them appear in your CloudStore document cabinet.

Delladene have been named as a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 10
Framework, our team is ready to help you gain control of your teams’ collaboration needs.

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